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Fragrance Direct Haul.

Ahh a haul post. Who doesn't love one of those? With two weeks off from college I had a few extra euros to spend and took myself to Fragrance Direct where everything is ridiculously cheap. I'm talking 60/70% off the price you would normally pay in store. It's madness absolute madness. I'm surprised I didn't spend more than I did (19euro including P+P = BARGAIN). As you can probably tell I ordered quite a bit from 'Dainty Doll'. I've always wanted to try this brand as I'm a huge fan of 'Girls Aloud' and always try to support whatever they venture into (I have five limited edition, mint condition Barbie Girls Aloud dolls that I have no clue what I'm really supposed to do with). What really grabbed me was how it was targeted at the paler girl and who doesn't want to emulate Nicola's perfectly porcelain skin?. It's so hard to find foundation and concealers to match my skin, everything is always that little bit dark on me and never really matches ~make up companies seem to think we're all ridonkulously tan~ but every time I swatched this in store it matched brilliantly. I always found it a little pricey for whats basically a celebrity line so never splurged and I'm glad I didn't because each of these products were no more than 4euro. Seriously guys take yourselves onto that site, you will not be disappointed. I picked up the loose mineral powder, concealer pen, compact concealer and powder blush. I've already tried out the concealers and I'm majorly impressed. The packaging is also really cute, so Nicola. For extra measure I threw in an 'Essie' nail polish in the shade 'Bikini so Teeny'. I mean it was hard not to, at 2euro compared to the 7.99euro charged in my local chemist. I'm just majorly impressed with this site. I'm currently resisting the urge to buy more 'Essie' nail polish. Have any of you ordered from Fragrance Direct before??
(Ps. If you're ordering from Ireland, delivery time ranges from 2-3 weeks. So long but worth it.)


Unknown said...

I am the whitest person to ever live in California. I guess that's what happens when you're family comes from Cork to the center of the sun. I think that even if there are white enough shades, they're always cool skin tone oriented. I'm the weird type that is yellow and not pink. No matter what, the make up will make me look like a strawberry creme puff. I've looked at Dainty Doll but they seem to be neutral. I need some yellow on my skin! Smashbox foundation in 00 is the only yellow-fair shade I've ever found.

Gosh, being fair skinned is so difficult! But, we'll look young forever.

Little Red Umbrellas

Angela Marie said...

I have never ordered from them before but i think I will now! Great post :)

Angela @ Texas Chic

Rasa said...

Very nice!x

Eleanor said...

oooh that nail polish is such a lovely shade of blue! :)

Unknown said...

I need to make an order from there! Just waiting or some new Essie colours! : D
Hareem x

EmilyJane said...

I'm the palest person ever and was hoping someone had reviewed dainty doll! Thanks :)

make-up and mochas said...

i love fragrance direct! the swatches aren't very accurate though so you have to check them, but still amazing reductions!