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Everyday Make Up.

Thought I'd share with you guys my 'Everyday Make Up'. Although that is a slight fib cause I don't wear this much make up everyday. When you're on the go from 7am to 7pm putting this much effort into your make up is the least of your worries. A bit of foundation, mascara and blush and i'm out the door. But the days when I'm not in college are when I go full steam ahead (unless i'm giving my skin a break). Nearly everything I've blogged about before or will be blogging about in the next few weeks so make sure you click the links to find my review.

  • Base - Before I apply foundation I throw on Benefits 'That Gal' and 'Porefessional'. I always make sure to use a primer so my make up stays put. Lately I've been using the 'Revlon : Nearly Naked' foundation and I'm really liking it. I have it in the shade 'Shell' which as usual doesn't match me but I really like the finish and I paid 11€ for it so I will continue to use it. For concealing my go to product every time is Benefits 'Erase Paste'. I LOVE this little thing, I used to only use it for under eye circles as initially I found it too creamy for anywhere else but I've been using it on those imperfections again and I think I might be changing my mind. I'm eager to try 'Fake Up' when I run out of this so if any of you have thoughts on that, please comment below. (:
  • Eyes- The 'Naked Palette' is a key piece in everyones make up collection these days. Where would we be without it. For everyday I use the shade 'naked' with a touch of 'sin' on the outer corner just to give it that extra some some. Bitta Rimmes 'Scandal Eyes' on the lower water line and some lashings of Benefits 'Bad Gal' and good to go.
  • Lips - Exfoliate with Lush's 'Bubblegum' lip scrub and then a bit of Topshop's 'Brighton Rock' for a pop of colour. Not for the faint hearted mind you.
  • And the rest - To contour I use Benefits 'Hoola' which I got in the 'Powda Wowza' set. It's the perfect shade and its not too dark for me either. Bluuuush is the ever so pretty 'Pink Swoon' from MAC and I fill in the aul brows with a Natural Collection duo 'Mocha/Latte'. The difference filling in your brows makes to the overall shape of your face is incredible, I always make sure to fill em in now..
There you have it my 'everyday not so everyday' make up. Looks like a lot but in comparison to others its nothing really. Its also occurred to me that I use an awful lot of Benefit products, what can I say......the packaging and everything just pulls me in.
Whats your everyday make up like? Comment below.


Shazea said...

I love using the Benefit Bad Gal lash, really has an affect on the lashes

Lima said...

You're right on the UD Naked palette. A must have for every make up loving girl. Although saying that, I've been skipping the eyeshadows lately, at times I will apply a nudy colour just to brighten it up, eyeliner then mascara!


Unknown said...

I love the Revlon foundation. It's so good!
Also, adore the Naked palette! such a handy product!
hareem x

Kacie Cone said...

Ah I'm dying for the naked palette sounds like a must!!

Makeup Monster said...

Love all your picks here, my Naked 1 palette is around here somewhere but I can't find it!

Paprika said...

I love finding out blogger's beauty secrets, and lush products are soo good, great choicexx

Unknown said...

I used to love The Porefessional, but can't use it these days as it breaks me out. Still on the hunt for a decent primer that isn't silicone based.
Pink Swoon is absolutely gorgeous, I love bright blushes for spring.
Mel xx

cheap shopping sites said...

I totally love MAC especially lipsticks and the blush. Great choices!

Anonymous said...

Really want one of the lush lip scrubs! Lovely post and your blog is beautiful! :) xx