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Soap & Glory - The Righteous Butter.

Ohh 'Soap and Glory' damn you and your magnificently scented products. I just want to smoother myself in this everyday and permanently smell of jasmine and all things girly. For me 'Soap and Glory' is always a winner, I'm a sucker for the scent of their products you see. The similarity to the 'Miss Dior Cherie' perfume really helps. I got this for Christmas in one of the gift sets S&G were doing at the time and only pulled it out recently as i have run out of my beloved 'Body Shop' body butter. I like to spend a lot of time standing in the shower -pondering life's big mysteries and all that, we've all been there, don't lie- and when I hop out I closely resemble a withered prune. That's where the righteous butter comes in. Slap it on everywhere and I slowly begin to revert to my former self. I like how moisturising this body butter is, it really soaks into my skin and makes it feel all soft and hydrated once more. My favourite thing is how lasting the scent is. Normally with body butters/moisturisers you'll get a bit of scent that lingers for a while but this really sticks. I love trying out different body butters/moisturisers and they're a key part in my overall skin care routine but if you're not a huge fan I'd definitely recommend trying out the travel size version of this which is considerably smaller at 50ml compared to the 300ml of this one but a little really goes a long way. Have you tried this before? Maybe you're a fan of some of S&Gs other butters, comment below.


Everyday Make Up.

Thought I'd share with you guys my 'Everyday Make Up'. Although that is a slight fib cause I don't wear this much make up everyday. When you're on the go from 7am to 7pm putting this much effort into your make up is the least of your worries. A bit of foundation, mascara and blush and i'm out the door. But the days when I'm not in college are when I go full steam ahead (unless i'm giving my skin a break). Nearly everything I've blogged about before or will be blogging about in the next few weeks so make sure you click the links to find my review.

  • Base - Before I apply foundation I throw on Benefits 'That Gal' and 'Porefessional'. I always make sure to use a primer so my make up stays put. Lately I've been using the 'Revlon : Nearly Naked' foundation and I'm really liking it. I have it in the shade 'Shell' which as usual doesn't match me but I really like the finish and I paid 11€ for it so I will continue to use it. For concealing my go to product every time is Benefits 'Erase Paste'. I LOVE this little thing, I used to only use it for under eye circles as initially I found it too creamy for anywhere else but I've been using it on those imperfections again and I think I might be changing my mind. I'm eager to try 'Fake Up' when I run out of this so if any of you have thoughts on that, please comment below. (:
  • Eyes- The 'Naked Palette' is a key piece in everyones make up collection these days. Where would we be without it. For everyday I use the shade 'naked' with a touch of 'sin' on the outer corner just to give it that extra some some. Bitta Rimmes 'Scandal Eyes' on the lower water line and some lashings of Benefits 'Bad Gal' and good to go.
  • Lips - Exfoliate with Lush's 'Bubblegum' lip scrub and then a bit of Topshop's 'Brighton Rock' for a pop of colour. Not for the faint hearted mind you.
  • And the rest - To contour I use Benefits 'Hoola' which I got in the 'Powda Wowza' set. It's the perfect shade and its not too dark for me either. Bluuuush is the ever so pretty 'Pink Swoon' from MAC and I fill in the aul brows with a Natural Collection duo 'Mocha/Latte'. The difference filling in your brows makes to the overall shape of your face is incredible, I always make sure to fill em in now..
There you have it my 'everyday not so everyday' make up. Looks like a lot but in comparison to others its nothing really. Its also occurred to me that I use an awful lot of Benefit products, what can I say......the packaging and everything just pulls me in.
Whats your everyday make up like? Comment below.


Bikini So Teeny.

'Bikini So Teeny' is the latest to be thrown into my ever growing collection of 'Essie' nail polishes. Everyone seems to be pretty obsessed with it and I really couldn't resist popping it into my basket on Fragrance Direct as it was only 1.99£. Compared to the 7.99€ on my local stand (which FYI didn't even have this shade) it's a total bargain. 'Bikini So Teeny' is a shade which on first glance you think is just your everyday light opaque blue with a slight purple undertone. But it's not. It has these lovely little speckles of shimmer in there too which adds a real pop. Compared to how the shimmer looks in the bottle it's actually quite subtle on your nails. Depending on how your nails catch the light it can go from full on shimmer to barely there, which i liked cause it kind of reminded me of those retro shiny game cards (you know what I'm on about). When it comes to application I've always been quite generous with my first coat of nail polish so really only needed two coats to get the full effects of this shade. I know others have had to apply quite a few but ultimately I think it depends on you and whether you apply light coats. I was super impressed with the longevity of this in comparison to my other 'Essie' ones. I applied it the Tuesday it arrived and saw no signs of chippage till 5 days later. Day 7 was when I caved and eventually cleared it all off. But I mean isn't that incredible? I've never had a nail polish that's been that resistant. Basically this is my number one nail polish. I know I'm going to be wearing it all through summer if not for the shimmer but for the longevity. Have any of you tried this? What did you think?


If GFC Goes, Then What?

This is just a quick post to show you guys where  you can follow 'LashingsOfMascara' if the rumors turn out to be true and GFC does in fact disappear in the next few weeks. I have four different sites that are updated with links to new post as soon as they go live and I would love if you gave them a quick follow. Unlike other Facebook 'like' pages I won't spam you 24/7. Just keeping it all blog related with a few other posts in between. You can like it here. Google+ is a little newer for me but its essentially just links to the blog page, just like GFC really, you can connect with that here. Bloglovin' seems to be the place to relocate to. I've been gaining so many people on there recently. It updates itself automatically which is really handy and the homepage is so much easier for keeping up to date on new posts, you'll find my bloglovin' page here. Finally we have Twitter. I'm always tweeting and post my link a few times during the day in case you may have missed a new post. Combined with my own tweets it's a little more personal than the other sites. You can follow me on Twitter here. There you have it. Make sure you connect with any of those sites whilst you can cause if GFC goes and you don't have the blog bookmarked then it's bye, bye, bye.


Boots Tea Tree Night Treatment Gel.

I bought this product months ago when I was in Boots and being a firm believer that you can't blog about a skin product as soon as you buy it I've left it a good while to post about it. When it comes to skin care I'm quite lazy. Unless it offers a quick solution and shows results almost instantaneously then I get bored of it but i persevered with this mainly because I'm a sucker for the scent of 'tea tree'. I'll be honest it took me a while to notice any results from this. I suffer from terrible breakouts near the lower end of my face, everything from not drinking enough water to eating chocolate just drives it crazy. Tea tree oil has always been hailed as this marvel for fighting spots so I was keen to see if it would live up to its reputation. I bought this as it claims to work whilst I'm sleeping, prevent and fight any further spots. Pretty simple right? Right. It soothed current spots and greatly reduced any redness I was experiencing -I put this down to the tea tree, that stuff really works wonders- but it didn't completely rid me of them, but for a low end drugstore product my expectations weren't that high to begin with. It did however prevent any further spots coming along and driving me insane so for that, I love it. It partially does as it says but I put this down to me just having extra troublesome skin and I reckon if you suffer from the odd breakout here and there then you will have exceptional results. I'm now using this in combination with a prescription roll on I got from my doctor and the two combined together are a great team. Maybe some day I'll have flawless skin.....but sadly today is not that day.
What do you guys think, have you used any tea tree based products to rid yourself of troublesome skin?


Fragrance Direct Haul.

Ahh a haul post. Who doesn't love one of those? With two weeks off from college I had a few extra euros to spend and took myself to Fragrance Direct where everything is ridiculously cheap. I'm talking 60/70% off the price you would normally pay in store. It's madness absolute madness. I'm surprised I didn't spend more than I did (19euro including P+P = BARGAIN). As you can probably tell I ordered quite a bit from 'Dainty Doll'. I've always wanted to try this brand as I'm a huge fan of 'Girls Aloud' and always try to support whatever they venture into (I have five limited edition, mint condition Barbie Girls Aloud dolls that I have no clue what I'm really supposed to do with). What really grabbed me was how it was targeted at the paler girl and who doesn't want to emulate Nicola's perfectly porcelain skin?. It's so hard to find foundation and concealers to match my skin, everything is always that little bit dark on me and never really matches ~make up companies seem to think we're all ridonkulously tan~ but every time I swatched this in store it matched brilliantly. I always found it a little pricey for whats basically a celebrity line so never splurged and I'm glad I didn't because each of these products were no more than 4euro. Seriously guys take yourselves onto that site, you will not be disappointed. I picked up the loose mineral powder, concealer pen, compact concealer and powder blush. I've already tried out the concealers and I'm majorly impressed. The packaging is also really cute, so Nicola. For extra measure I threw in an 'Essie' nail polish in the shade 'Bikini so Teeny'. I mean it was hard not to, at 2euro compared to the 7.99euro charged in my local chemist. I'm just majorly impressed with this site. I'm currently resisting the urge to buy more 'Essie' nail polish. Have any of you ordered from Fragrance Direct before??
(Ps. If you're ordering from Ireland, delivery time ranges from 2-3 weeks. So long but worth it.)