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Bye Bye GFC, Hello Bloglovin.

(Image via Pinterest.)

With the rumour mill flowing today about the supposed 'shut down' of GFC ~how you follow a blog on blogger~ I thought I would throw a quick post to let you all know you can follow my blog on Bloglovin' here or refer to the right of my blog where you will find several of my other sites. If you enjoy reading my blog make sure you click over to bloglovin before its too late.
Just a little update too, I know my posts have been pretty sparse at the moment but new posts will be up soon. I have lost a follower or two which is a little disappointing and clearly down to the long break since my last post but I suppose thats just the way the cookie crumbles. Stay with me. The day will come when I have an actual proper beauty post up. Also how cool are those eyes?


Julia Henderson said...

Im following! mine is

Julia x

Unknown said...

Oh no, I hope this isn't true!
I have followed you anyway, mines

Katie xo

Makeup Monster said...

I follow all the blogs (including you) via Bloglovin anyway!:)

Bekki Ramsay said...

I'm following you now! Mine's

:) x

Natalie Claire said...

Thank you for commenting on my last post.. however i some how removed it by accident.. oops. sorry :( Nat xx