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Benefit Full Finish Lipstick.

I love the name of this lipstick 'No Competition' because well personally I think it's the perfect berry shade lipstick and has well..... no. That was a little cheesy wasn't it? On first look it appears to sway more to a dark wine shade but when you apply it, it couldn't be any more different. It's this gorgeous plum shade and even though I thought it might be a little on the dark side for me  -being so pale- it compliments my skin tone nicely and gives a very chic vamp look. It has a lovely creamy consistency and during the colder months this is perfect as it helps keep your lips moisturised and doesn't dry them out. It's quite bold but I love the slightly glossy finish too. Obviously when wearing this I tone down the rest of my make up, a nice subtle eye and light pink blush really helps keep the focus on my lips and how bold they are. Have any of you tried this or any of the other shades? Comment below.


Clinique High Impact Mascara.

(16£ at Boots)
I thought it was time to share with you all what is possibly my favourite mascara ever. That's quite a statement to make considering there's oh so many I have yet to try but this holds a special place in my heart. To quote Clinique on this one 'Wear it once and you’ll feel naked without it '. Which is pretty true. If you're a long term reader you will know the hatered I have for clumpy spider leg lashes that some mascaras produce. I find because of how spread out the bristles are on this wand it really catches those stubbornly small lashes to spread out your lashes and opens up your eyes. The real pro to this is how long it makes your lashes look, it really gives the illusion of long bold lashes which is what we all want isn't it? One application is enough for an everyday natural look but for going out you can really build it up to make more of an impact. I got this a while back in a magazine so it's only a small tube but it really goes a long way. Mine is nearly empty. Have you guys tried this or have you any recommendations for something similar?


Toni&Guy 'Shine Addiction Straightening Glaze'.

When it comes to hair products I always find them a bit hit and miss. There's so many products on the shelves claiming to give you soft, glossy locks that look more Victorias Secret and less Geordie Shore but the reality is only a fraction of these actually do as they say. Toni&Guy 'Shine Addiction Straightening Glaze' however, really does as it says. For me hair care is really up there. After years of dying and burning it half to death with a straightener my hair is currently at the stage where it looks pretty good. Its growing out at a pretty decent rate and feels more like hair and less like dry hay than it has in years. My main problem though is achieving a lovely healthy shine and with this little treasure I'm cheating my way there. When straightening my hair I pile it into three sections and give each section a light spray. I then proceed to straighten the area I've just sprayed and voila - I've got lovely shining hair that would give Lily Aldridge a run for her money. Have you guys ever tried this or something similar? Leave a comment below.


Bye Bye GFC, Hello Bloglovin.

(Image via Pinterest.)

With the rumour mill flowing today about the supposed 'shut down' of GFC ~how you follow a blog on blogger~ I thought I would throw a quick post to let you all know you can follow my blog on Bloglovin' here or refer to the right of my blog where you will find several of my other sites. If you enjoy reading my blog make sure you click over to bloglovin before its too late.
Just a little update too, I know my posts have been pretty sparse at the moment but new posts will be up soon. I have lost a follower or two which is a little disappointing and clearly down to the long break since my last post but I suppose thats just the way the cookie crumbles. Stay with me. The day will come when I have an actual proper beauty post up. Also how cool are those eyes?