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Butter London S/S13 Event.

Yesterday evening after battling the rain, the cold and a 2hr train ride, I went along to the launch of Butter London's Spring 2013 collection 'Sweetie Shop' at Avoca. Truth be told, I was a little nervous attending the event. I've been invited to the odd event but never went along as I didn't know what to expect. But I have to say I had such a lovely time and loved meeting everyone and the event definitely didn't disappoint. True to the name of the collection, the room looked like its own version of a sweet shop, with a Pic'n'mix table, cotton candy maker, cupcakes and sweets scattered throughout the room. Catering to everyones sweet tooth as well as their nail polish addiction. The collection itself is filled with six sweet pastel shades inspired by the colours and silhouettes of the 50's inspired femme fatale and I'm sure you guys are suckers for pastel shades as much as I am.
'Fruit Machine' (1) was the first polish that really caught my attention. It's this beautiful bubblegum pink colour that I reckon will really pop on your nails and remind you of all things sweet.
'Jasper' (2) is my favourite shade from the collection. It's this gorgeous pastel yellow which sort of reminds me of yellow sherbet, so sweet and delicious looking on your nails. My friends are also obsessing over this shade and it's definitely going to be my go to for S/S.
'Icy Mint' (3) is the last polish I managed to get a shot of. The thing about this pastel mint is for me it really completes the collection. I think if it had been left out, it would have looked like something was missing. No pastel collection of nail polish is complete without a mint shade and this one is so cute.
(L-R Aisling, Denise and Amanda)
After taking a look at the collection it was time to mingle, eat candy floss and get ones nails done. My friend Amanda (@xo_kenny) and I got talking to Aisling (@AislingHussey) and Denise (@denise_denise) for quite a while which was nice as they were so lovely to chat to. We all had a lot of fun. I also got to chat with Leanne from 'thunder and threads' at the end for a bit which was great because I've been reading her blog a few years now and she is such a sweetie in person. I bumped into Laura from 'All Made Up 21' too and she was as nice in person as she is on twitter.
On the way out we spotted this little competition where all you had to do was guess how many of the nail files were in the chest and you could be in with a chance to win some Butter London nail polish. I guessed 570. What do you guys think? Leave your guess below. I think 570 could be dead on but then again you never know. If you're an irish reader and you don't know where to pick up some Butter London nail polish (like I didn't) you can find them in Avoca and Harvey Nichols for 15€. Not too shabby at all.


lily white english rose said...

look like a fab evening, love all of their new colours and the theme of the room :D

Unknown said...

The first nail posh colour is gorgeous! Looks like a really fun event!
Hareem x