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Friday Wishlist.

Wishlists, because I'm a poor student and the only thing I can actually pay for right now is bus tickets and maybe a ticket to stalk heath from 'Home and Away'. Let's be honest, we'd all give our left leg to meet him and steal him get a picture taken with him. A lot of the things on this list have been highly raved about the last few months by countless bloggers and being a sucker for a good review I need to try them out myself. I'm especially curious to try the 'CaudalĂ­e' elixir. That's one thing there seems to be many mixed reviews about. Does it actually do anything? Does it not? Suppose I'll find out if I ever get my hands on it. Definitely want a 'Korres' lip butter in mango. I can only imagine how amazing that is and considering I actually don't have anything along the lines of this I'm so going to have to buy it.....right? The 'Maybelline' colour whispers are essentially the same principle as the 'Revlon' lip butters as far as I can tell but like a moth to a flame I have to give them a go. I'm not even sure if they're out this side of the atlantic yet. Going to have to check that out for sure.
Sad thing is, this is just a few of the things I'm lusting after.
Blogger problems.


Tresemmé Hair Curling Wand.

Lets take a moment to point out how ridiculously hard it is to photograph hair tools. They're just so long and awkward. I salute any of you who cant take A+ photos of them. Anywhoo. I got this beauty for Christmas this year and after messing around with it for two months, I thought I'd share with you how great it is. Whether you're trying to achieve some loose beachy waves or some bouncing curls you need this. The wand itself is very easy to use and the lack of a clamp makes it all the more practical. I'm also a sucker for the pink barrel.
My hair is quite stubborn and even though it has it's own kink to it and is naturally quite wavy, I find it very hard to get a curl to hold. I found the primary problem for this is the hair curler I had been using had only the one temperature setting where as this one has three which makes it perfect for all hair types. If you have quite fine hair you really won't need to go above the first setting as it gets quite hot but if you're like me and have thick hair the third setting is where its at. There is a stark difference in heat between the first and third setting which goes up to 200c. To get my hair quite wavy and tousled (as photographed) I would use the second setting. Without applying hairspray they hold for a good 4/5hours which is good in my books as my hair will usually fall out after an hour or so. I watched a lot of youtube videos to help me figure out some tips and tricks for the wand and the best one I've watched is this one here from Lauren Elizabeth. I'm still messing about with it but I definitely prefer it to any of my other hair curlers and especially curls achieved by a hair straightener. The curler also has a safety shut off, where it turns off after 72mins in case you accidentally leave it on, which is genius. What do you guys think? Are you more of a GHD curl kinda girl or are you loving the wand?


Butter London - Jasper.

(Butter London - Jasper*)
I know, I know, I just posted about the event but I couldn't wait any longer to share this with you guys. I was lucky to receive this shade in a goodie bag at the event. It's the shade 'Jasper' from the 'Sweetie Shop' collection and has instantly become my go to nail polish. It's this gorgeous glossy pastel yellow, unlike any I've used before and it really pops. It's the perfect shade for spring and makes a refreshing change from the dark reds and purples that took over my nails throughout winter. I'd never used the 'Butter London' nail polishes until now and have to say I've been pleasantly surprised by the longevity of the polish. Combined with the under and over coats you get a brilliant 5 days out of this which is fab for me cause I'm terrible for chipping my nails and I'm sure we're all guilty of that. It's just so pretty.


Revlon Lip Butters - My Addiction.

My not so secret secret obsession are the revlon lip butters.  Last years Rimmel 'apocalips' hype wise. I've blogged about three of these already (here) and since then i've picked up two more. Forever building on the obsession, although I do find myself trying to resist buying another everytime I look at the Revlon stand. At 11€ a lip butter they're not exactly the cheapest on a student budget but completely worth it in my opinion, besides Boots usually have pretty good deals every so often so you may pick up a bargain.
(L-R, Lollipop, Tutti Fruitti, Sweet Tart, Peach Parfait and Raspberry Pie.)
What I love about the lip butters is the wide range of shades. You have everything from your deep berry's like 'Raspberry Pie' to your bright candy pinks like 'Sweet Tart' which is my personal favourite to outrageous orange shades such as 'Tutti Frutti' which is a little more out there. Unfortunately my camera didn't pick up the shades too well and they all look pretty similar, but I assure you they aren't. The lip butters are a nice creamy formula that mixes the staying power and pigmentation of a lipstick with the vibrance of your average gloss. They also apply super easy and the pop off lid makes them perfect for when you're on the go. As i've said in easier posts about these you do really need to exfoliate your lips before hand as certain shades really highlight dry patches but they're my little addiction.


Butter London S/S13 Event.

Yesterday evening after battling the rain, the cold and a 2hr train ride, I went along to the launch of Butter London's Spring 2013 collection 'Sweetie Shop' at Avoca. Truth be told, I was a little nervous attending the event. I've been invited to the odd event but never went along as I didn't know what to expect. But I have to say I had such a lovely time and loved meeting everyone and the event definitely didn't disappoint. True to the name of the collection, the room looked like its own version of a sweet shop, with a Pic'n'mix table, cotton candy maker, cupcakes and sweets scattered throughout the room. Catering to everyones sweet tooth as well as their nail polish addiction. The collection itself is filled with six sweet pastel shades inspired by the colours and silhouettes of the 50's inspired femme fatale and I'm sure you guys are suckers for pastel shades as much as I am.
'Fruit Machine' (1) was the first polish that really caught my attention. It's this beautiful bubblegum pink colour that I reckon will really pop on your nails and remind you of all things sweet.
'Jasper' (2) is my favourite shade from the collection. It's this gorgeous pastel yellow which sort of reminds me of yellow sherbet, so sweet and delicious looking on your nails. My friends are also obsessing over this shade and it's definitely going to be my go to for S/S.
'Icy Mint' (3) is the last polish I managed to get a shot of. The thing about this pastel mint is for me it really completes the collection. I think if it had been left out, it would have looked like something was missing. No pastel collection of nail polish is complete without a mint shade and this one is so cute.
(L-R Aisling, Denise and Amanda)
After taking a look at the collection it was time to mingle, eat candy floss and get ones nails done. My friend Amanda (@xo_kenny) and I got talking to Aisling (@AislingHussey) and Denise (@denise_denise) for quite a while which was nice as they were so lovely to chat to. We all had a lot of fun. I also got to chat with Leanne from 'thunder and threads' at the end for a bit which was great because I've been reading her blog a few years now and she is such a sweetie in person. I bumped into Laura from 'All Made Up 21' too and she was as nice in person as she is on twitter.
On the way out we spotted this little competition where all you had to do was guess how many of the nail files were in the chest and you could be in with a chance to win some Butter London nail polish. I guessed 570. What do you guys think? Leave your guess below. I think 570 could be dead on but then again you never know. If you're an irish reader and you don't know where to pick up some Butter London nail polish (like I didn't) you can find them in Avoca and Harvey Nichols for 15€. Not too shabby at all.


20 Facts About Me Tag.

I've seen so many bloggers doing this post lately that I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and share some of my own little 'facts'. I think we're all aware at this stage that my blog isn't the most 'personal' out there but I'd like to make it that way. Beginning with this tag. (:

1. I've auditioned for 'The Xfactor' and 'The Voice of Ireland' failing at both of them but when you go in knowing that a majority of auditionees have been invited by producers, it soften's the blow a little, an experience at the same time. I actually auditioned the same year as Niall Horan (who's family home btw is only 30mins away from me -i've resisted stalking) and I was shown on TV in the crowd shots.

2. When I was younger I was a hardcore Irish Dancer and still have a bunch of medals and trophies.

3. I'm allergic to lavender. I hate the smell so it's not a huge loss but whenever I'm around it I break out in lovely hives.

4. I used to donate blood but then I became anemic and can't anymore. My family make fun of me and say I'm so pale that they should be giving me the blood not taking it from me.

5. I'm a bit of a celebrity stalker. I've met Joe Jonas, Una from The Sats, Ryan Sheridan, Dermot O'Leary, Louis Walsh, Jedward and Christina Perri.

6. When I was 13 I went on a foreign exchange to France. It was the craziest experience but I'm so glad I got to do it.

7. I have three brothers. I'm the only girl.

8. I was born on Friday the 13th and oddly enough it's my lucky day and number.

9. I'm addicted to chocolate and would happily live on a diet of oreo dairy milk bars and milka daim bars.

10. I've known my one of my best friends since I was 5. We can never remember each others birthdays and see each other every six months or so but its always a mad a laugh. We get a little too dedicated to Halloween and italian restaurants that close down with no warning.

11. Girls Aloud have been my obsession since I was 9 and I've seen them live three times.

12. I love to bake. It's becoming my new 'thing' and I'm slowly perfecting a lot of recipes. I made a chocolate oreo sponge cake last week and it was the most delicious thing.

13. I have seven piercings and one small tattoo on my finger that you would never realise I had.

14. I want to travel and do the whole year abroad thing. I'm dying to go to Australia and spend some time on that side of the world.

15. When I went to Italy with school a few years ago, my friends and I got conned into  paying 10€ for a freaking ice cream. We were stupid enough to actually pay it too.

16. This year is my second attempt at college/uni. I'm doing Social Media Marketing and I'm loving almost every moment of it. Anything to do with maths frustrates me so some modules are harder than others. But it's such a laugh.

17. I'm a little 'socially awkard' and when I meet people for the first time I can be really awkward and avoid eye contact which results in new people thinking I hate them.

18. No.17 actually happened when college started. We laugh about it now cause we've actually become good friends. (You're reading this, hello.)

19. I'm terrible at making lists and this was supposed to be '25 facts' but I'm leaving it at '20' because I suck at finishing things like this.

20. When we were younger my cousins, along with my brother and I spent half our time running through fields pretending we were in 'Lost' or 'The Tribe'. As we got older we threw together 'fake' photoshoots, mostly styled with Taylor Momsen in mind for some reason but we had such a laugh.

I hope you guys find this a little interesting. Thinking of 20 facts was harder than I thought and honestly I just kept getting distracted by my ipod and ended up singing along to 'Demi Lovato'. If you've done a post like this, link below :D