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Smoothie Star.

Let me start by saying, this is amazing, don't even read this post just buy it and take my word for it. If that isn't enough for you..... I've never used a 'body milk' before and wasn't too sure what to expect but I'm in love and I'm kinda tempted to stock up on this in case 'Soap and Glory' suddenly decide they no longer want to sell it (please don't). The reality is, this is so moisturising. I apply it when I get out of the shower, when I'm just wandering pass the bottle.....perhaps a little too much? But it's just so good, the smell is delicious, I can't get enough of it. They should bottle it up and start selling it as a perfume or something, it would do well. It's like pop corn with vanilla tossed in a ball of oats or something. I don't even know but it lingers, quite a while actually, not too in your face but enough for people to go 'mmm what is that?'. I have ridiculously dry knee's and using this has actually really helped make them look 10x better and leaves my skin feeling all lovely and soft and smelling delicious. I got this in the 'Best of All' set for xmas so I'm not too sure how much it retails at.
But the price is irrelevant cause you all need this.
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Vicky said...

Sounds gorgeous! You've sold it to me ;) xx

Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

You've sold it to me anyway! My elbows are really dry (random hahaha) & nothing I use seems to work so I'll definitely look out for this next time I'm in boots.


Shazea said...

It sounds really good!

Unknown said...

This sounds so so good! I am loving soap and glory at the Moment. The scent to their products is really nice. I'm so sure ill love this!
Hareem x

loulabeth ♡ said...

I also blogged about this because it really is amazing! I love everything about it but especially the smell, mmm!

L x

Unknown said...

I love Soap & Glory! Need to try this.

I've actually just done a review on the Sugar Crush, check it out if you are interested! I followed you by the way.

Unknown said...

hmmm! I am a big sucker for body lotions! You made it sound like it smells sooo good! I'm afraid i would be tempted to eat it :P

Ellie Burns said...

smelling like popcorn and vanilla has totally sold it for me- i love the sound of this! i neeeeeedd

Ellie Burns said...

smelling like popcorn and vanilla has totally sold it for me- i love the sound of this! i neeeeeedd

Anne said...

Amazing post, your blog is totally adorable!
Love, Anna