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Smoothie Star.

Let me start by saying, this is amazing, don't even read this post just buy it and take my word for it. If that isn't enough for you..... I've never used a 'body milk' before and wasn't too sure what to expect but I'm in love and I'm kinda tempted to stock up on this in case 'Soap and Glory' suddenly decide they no longer want to sell it (please don't). The reality is, this is so moisturising. I apply it when I get out of the shower, when I'm just wandering pass the bottle.....perhaps a little too much? But it's just so good, the smell is delicious, I can't get enough of it. They should bottle it up and start selling it as a perfume or something, it would do well. It's like pop corn with vanilla tossed in a ball of oats or something. I don't even know but it lingers, quite a while actually, not too in your face but enough for people to go 'mmm what is that?'. I have ridiculously dry knee's and using this has actually really helped make them look 10x better and leaves my skin feeling all lovely and soft and smelling delicious. I got this in the 'Best of All' set for xmas so I'm not too sure how much it retails at.
But the price is irrelevant cause you all need this.
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Happy Blooming Bath Melt.

I meant to blog about this little treasure a while ago and completely forgot about it till I was going through my 'blog files' on my laptop and saw this poor neglected picture. I never used any bath melts from 'Lush' before and I was excited to try this as so many of you have given it such great reviews. Like a moth to a flame I am. I popped it in the bath, not really knowing what to expect, and watched as the water turned a lovely light pink colour. It's a bath melt so I wouldn't be expecting any bubbles or other little marvels that come with the 'Lush' bath bombs. It's also worth mentioning that I only used a third of this so I got three amazing baths out of this tiny little thing. I found it was quite moisturising on my skin considering I only used such a small amount. The smell is what I really enjoyed. It was slightly cherry like but really smelled like play-doh. I love that and I didn't think I would enjoy it in the bath but it was like a little trip down memory lane. Completely unexpected. I really liked using this and I'm definitely going to pick up another next time I wander into 'Lush'.


For a Bit of Light Reading.

As part of my new years resolution (happy new year btw) I've decided to try and read as many books this year as I can. I'm aiming for about 50 and I've nearly finished one already so it's looking good. I love to read, I enjoy nothing more than completely loosing myself in a book, new or old. So I thought what better way to motivate myself to read more than by dedicating a post at the end of every month to the books I've gotten through that month. I think it's perfect because not only does it motivate me to reach my aim but maybe it can give you guys some new books to read too. I have a kindle so chances are most of my reading will be done on that or not because the reality is even though I adore my kindle and take it everywhere because it's so lightweight and effortless, sometimes the kindle store has you forking out 2 or 3€ more for a book than the paperback version and it really ticks me off because it's digital, how can it cost more than the real thing you know? If anything it should be costing 2 or 3€ less. This is my biggest con with the kindle, I really think amazon needs to get their shizz together. I'm curious if any of you have noticed this? All negative remarks aside, I'm excited to start this little 'goal' and if any of you have any book recommendations, please leave a comment below?! I like anything that has nothing to do with vampires ;)