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Instagram 010.

 1. Primark studded ankle boots. 2. Todays OOTD. 3. Daisy being all cosy.
4. Wearing her little jumper. 5. Starting a new book. 6. Finally put the tree up.
7. Hot chocolate nom. 8. Birthday presents. 9 Dinner w/Bex.
In the run up to Christmas I've been instagramming like mad. Mainly pictures of Daisy being all cute when she comes back from the groomers mind you ;) We finally put our Christmas tree up the other week, I couldn't wait. I'm now sat in my own little version of the north pole, stockings, lights, glitter and presents under the tree. Definitely the most wonderful time of the year..... I'm regretting doing all my Christmas shopping so early, I've no excuse to make a trip to Dublin and wander around like a headless chicken trying to find bits and bobs for everyone. No sneaky trips into 'Lush' to pick up some of the Christmas stock.  First year with no 'Snow Fairy', doesn't feel right. I'm sure you all have picked up a ridiculous amount to keep you going till next year..... There's always the online store. I'm nearly on Christmas holidays. on exam down, two to go. Can't wait to get them done and sit around stuffing my face with mince pies and cream and a ridiculous number of Christmas movies. I've written 'christmas' so many times in this post that I think it's starting to loose all meaning.
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Unknown said...

I love your boots and jumper - it looks so cosy! Also now seriously craving that hot chocolate and pasta, such perfect winter comforts!
Mel x

Unknown said...

That photo of the tree is so nice! :)

Unknown said...

I've just bought the sugar crush body wash!(:

P.S My give away ends on the 22nd so be sure to enter!(:

Katya R. said...

Ooh the dog is too cute!!