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Bling in the New Year.

(Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia)
It's New Years Eve tomorrow and for the first time in ages I'll be ringing in the new year at home with the fam instead of going out with friends. But you know, that doesn't mean my nails can't be all glittery and new yearsish. I picked this up some time last year and haven't really used it since then. But throughout the holidays I haven't stopped reapplying, I'm a little obsessed to say the least. It's such a bold shade and I've never been a fan of bright in your face sickeningly girly glitter nail polishes, I find them a little irritating. The black undertones against the purple glitter looks so pretty especially when the light hits off them. I'm also surprised by how quick this drys, I expected it to take a lot longer but it's actually pretty quick. Which is always good in my books. I've seen a lot of people compare this to Deborah Lippmanns ' Bad Romance' and saying it's a pretty good dupe. I haven't tried it myself but they do look pretty similar. So whilst you're all out ringing in the new year, I'll be sat here reading blogs and imagining my nails as tiny little disco balls and listening to Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Happy New Years guys.


Unknown said...

this is a gorgeous nail polish! Love it! :D
hope you have great new years!
hareem x

Blog Rince said...

I really need to try out more Revlon polishes! This one looks absolutely gorgeous! :D

Francesca | said...

Ooh, this polish is absolutely gorgeous - they never seem to have any of the nicest Revlon polishes in my local Boots, though, which is a little annoying!
Ahh I do love this video, happy new year lovely! xx

Steven Brown said...

AWW I LOVE THE POST. I decided to follow you, I see you have passion for blogging. I hope you can check out my site: and hopefully join. Keep posting, and stay true to your passion. Thanks and God Bless!

Steven B.

Lorna said...

The polish is such a lovely colour! x

Emma said...

That nail colour it gorgeous!

I'm your newest follower, would love if you could check out my blog/maybe follow back?


Unknown said...

Aw I love Zooey! Love the blog!

Your newest follower :)

Unknown said...

I literally saw this nail polish today in Boots and nearly bought it but they didn't have a tester so I didn't bother. Now I've seen what it looks like I might well get it though :L Nice to see other Irish bloggers too :)