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Benefit "That Gal".

I've never been one to use a primer, its usually a step in my make up routine that I will happily skip due to laziness. I rarely use my Urban Decay primer potion so I was doubtful that I would even give this ago. I only started using this recently because in the tutorials I watch on youtube everyone is using some sort of primer, so I figured there must be a reason and yes, yes there is. I have now used this everyday without fail for the last month or so. Since i've started using it I've noticed my foundation stays in place a lot longer than it usually would. My complexion also looks a lot healthier and has a lovely glow. Something which I've been trying to achieve for a while. I've varied my use to make sure I'm not imagining the benefits, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Before, my skin just looked dull and in need of a little something. I use the tiniest bit and being a sample size, it really has gone a long way, it's barely budged which I'm thankful for as I'm not ready to buy a full size just yet. I've been using this combined with 'Porefessional' (review at some stage) and I love the two together even more. The only thing I found off putting was the smell. Artificial strawberry isn't my favourite scent. Especially on my face, thankfully it doesn't linger. Have any of you tried this?
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Tattooed Tealady said...

I recently got a full sized of these and I haven't given it a go yet as I am going to use up a couple of primers I have on the go first! I use primer on long days out to keep the oil at bay and my makeup in place! xo

Eleanor said...

i really need a new primer!!! this sounds interesting... i must give it a try!
love your blog - just followed you! :)

Unknown said...

I always wondered about this one! My skin looks a bit dull sometimes, especially these horrible cold days. I don't know why I didn't get the sample! haha
hareem x

Unknown said...

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Francesca | said...

Ooh, I haven't tried any of the Benefit primers yet, although I'm dying to try them out at some point! Think I might nab this and Porefessional in a Christmas set or during the sales ha xx

SWK said...

I don't use primers either. Glad to see that this one worked for you! I should give it a try.

Sophie said...

Sounds like a great product!


Ellie Burns said...

meh not too keen on the strawberry scent but i love the sound of this! i use porefessional loads! xx

TheOtherSideofCool said...

I have super oily skin so I use a primer every day in order to help cover my pores better and to make makeup last longer and it definitely makes a difference! I didn't love this one as it gave a bit of shine to my already oily face but it smells gorgeous! xx

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lauraelizabeth said...

I love all the benefit packaging, tis is so cute! x