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Christmas Wishlist.

Is it too soon to blog a 'Christmas Wishlist'? It is five weeks or so till Christmas and I have already cracked out Michael BublĂ©'s Christmas album along with having my first mince pie of the festive season. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I'm already loving all the new ads. The 'Spar' one is too cute along with the one for 'Three Ireland' here. I'm dying to put the tree up but even I can tell its too soon for that. I've had my eye on a few of these things for a while now and would love to find even one of them under my tree. I'm absolutely loving the 'Sugar Crush' line from 'Soap and Glory' the smell is incredible. MY friend describes the buttercream as a lemon and lime cheesecake.....almost good enough to eat if you ask me. I'm so excited that 'Girls Aloud' are going on tour again and would love to get my mitts on a ticket. I've seen them live before (three times) and they put on a really great show. A lot of dancing and the production team really go all out. Whats on your christmas wishlist this year? Why not leave a comment below, I'd love to see.
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Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream.

(Cream Puff Lip Cream 2.99£ - Cotton Candy 1)
This is my favourite lip product right now. I wear it everyday without fail. The shade and how it applies are just so perfect that I can't get enough. The shade is a lovely cute pink that looks incredibly natural and I really think it enhances the natural colour of my lips as they're quite similar. The wand is like your typical lipgloss but it applies nothing like a gloss. The finish is a lovely matte but because its so creamy and moisturising it really keeps your lips nourished, which is perfect during the winter months. I find it lasts really well through out the day and needs very little touching up. I should also mention the smell. This smells divine. Like I want to eat it divine. It was the main reason I purchased it. It smells like a sweet caramel coffee or something along those lines. Delicious. I actually stood in Boots smelling the tester and decided I needed it. Unfortunately I've just ran out of mine and I'll definitely be repurchasing as soon as I have money to raid Boots. 
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Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover.

(Bourjois Nail Polish Remover - 6€ I think it was on offer.
When it comes to removing nail polish, a certain amount of er....effort is required. So much so that I'll usually just scratch it all off when I'm really bored or let it chip away until my nails look anything other than fabulous.. I was really excited when I first read about this and then a gazillion times after on every other beauty blog because it just seemed so effortless. I am after all ridiculously lazy when it comes to nail care. Pop your nail in and voilá your nail polish has disappeared within this little bottle. It says '1 Second Per Nail' but lets all be realistic here, 1 second is a little ambitious Bourjois. I would say depending on how stubborn that last bit of polish is, it would be about a 4/5second removal or 2 twists which is usually how it goes for me. I adore the smell. Unlike other removers it doesn't have this overly in your face poisonous scent. I find its quite sweet (the bottle says vanilla) and doesn't really linger around on your fingers contaminating everything you touch afterwords. What wins me over is just how simple it is. Pop your finger in and it vanishes and no cotton wool -cotton wool gives me the shivers urghhh- and it isn't overly harsh on your nails. I put this down to the almond oil. Frankly I think all of you should go out and pick this up. It trumps any other nail polish remover I've used and its pink.


Pink Swoon.

MAC 'Pink Swoon' is my first blush from MAC and I absolutely adore it. However I'm really disappointed that I couldn't get it to photograph true enough to colour. 'Pink Swoon' is a gorgeous pale pink and looks so pretty against pale skin. It's a matte blush and I love how perfect it is for A/W. It's perfect for creating a lovely rosy cheek look that's so perfect coming into the winter months. I think if you're a pale girl like me, you really need to have this in your collection. It complements my skin tone so well and I bet a lot of you would really like this. If you're a lot more tan this would be incredibly subtle on your skin and you may need to build it up quite a bit as it is so light. I'd always read such great things about MAC's blushes but could never bring myself to splurge 20+€. But I did and I can't wait to get my hands on a few more. I can see why they're so hyped and they're definitely worth the splurge.