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(Friend ( left), Me (right).
Guys, guys, guys.....long time no blog ay? Who would have thought going to college (uni for you UK peeps) would take up so much of my time. The funny thing is that even though I have been pretty busy I can still make time for my tumblr yet trying to keep my blog updated is becoming a little struggle. I no longer have my *oh so fancy* blogging camera as I've given it to my brother for his college course. Photography assignment's kind of trumps taking photos of frivolous beauty items apparently. But moving on wards. College is incredible. I'm really enjoying my course which is a great relief because if you've been following me since last year well you'll know how awful that went. It's not been without it's stresses but thats just part and partial of starting first year and moving away (again). It's not an overly challenging course and I'm not out partying non-stop like your typical first year. Give me a cup of tea, Home and Away and my kindle and i'm set for the night. I've also taken up kick boxing which was fun. I'm excited to learn more eh moves?
I don't consider blogging as a 'chore', just something I do in my free time that I quite enjoy doing yano? So I'll update when ever I can and if I can so I suppose you'll just have to stick with me until I get into a new 'blogging routine'.....Hopefully I get my camera back soon,
I'm completely lost without it
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