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florals for spring? groundbreaking - make that winter.

ohh floral prints how i love thee so. when Kirsten Dunst stepped out at the premiere of 'Bachelorette' in this Stella Mc Cartney floral two piece, i died. i've never paid much attention to anything that Kirsten has worn before but this two piece is just so pretty that it really caught my eye and the yellow suede chloe pumps?! give me the whole ensemble now please?.. unfortunately Stella Mc Cartney is a little out of my errr price range so it was like faith when Demi Lovato stepped out in a way cheaper 'Topshop' version a few days later. I can't decide which i want more, the jacket or the shorts? the print is a little too 'busy' for me to try and wear the entire thing together. but i'm in love. i'm thinking the jacket styled pretty much like Demi but trade the shorts for some black skinny jeans. if i can find the jacket that is...130$ is a reasonable amount right?? Thought i'd throw in this picture of Olivia Palermo in a Zara floral shirt dress to show how cute a floral print looks on black. not as summery as Demi and Kirsten but probably more in my comfort zone and a little more wintery. i think Olivia's dress would be a little more timeless than the other two options as its less trendy and more of a statement piece... but thats just my opinion. if you google Olivia Palermo you'll see she's actually quite a fan of floral dresses from Zara, i remember lusting over the one she wore a couple months ago. no surprise that it was sold out for ages. Penneys/Primark have a lot of floral things in store at the moment. Got a crazy pair of floral print peg leg trousers a few weeks ago for real cheap, very like the H&M ones everyone is wearing. Make sure you give them a look, who knows, they might start ripping off the Topshop jacket Demi wore last week.....fingers crossed?


Loves Of Lucy said...

i love the floral prints, i think i actually prefer the cheaper version demi is wearing too!xx<3

Anonymous said...

these florals look great and don't look out of place at all this time of year! love your devil wears prada quote too ;)

Laura xo

Julia Henderson said...

I absolutely love floral prints, all three of them look wonderful but I love Olivia Palermo, she's so beautiful

Julia x

Sandra said...

The pieces that Demi Lovato is wearing are so pretty! And afforable, which is a huge plus! :)

Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

Unknown said...

Aw Kirsten Dunst is just amazing. Such beautiful outfits here! That Topshop version is great too! I saw some really nice sheer floral pants at BCBG the other day.. but I was in a dilema because they were sheer.. for fall winter? Won't I freeze :s

devorelebeaumonstre. said...

love these!

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