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The Perfect Pale Foundation.

I'm always on the look out for the 'perfect' foundation. Which is probably why i've bought more foundations in the past month than I usually do. Frankly I put this down to shitty drugstore lighting. Note to self : leave store with foundation swatched on hand and compare in natural sunlight. The difference will shock you! A friend recommended I try this, she's paler than I am, so I hoped it would match. I find that make up companies these days don't cater for the paler girl, which is unfortunate cause there is a lot of us. I know Nicola Roberts has a line out but thats a little expensive for me.
This foundation is my favourite thing. It matches my skin as if it was an extra layer of skin covering all those lovely imperfections. I find its very light on my skin which is great because it feels more natural and regardless of its light colouring, a little really does go a long way. I don't have to pack a tonne of it on to get my desired level of coverage. It lasts a good few hours too, more than I'd expect considering I work in a hot kitchen and its still there come 5 o'clock. I'd recommend you all go and buy this. The irish price is as far as I can remember 13.99€. My tube is now empty but I'll definitely be buying another one.....If you'd like to compare my skin to yours, I was matched as an NW15 in MAC which used to match my skin perfectly. But then I got even paler ~hello anemia~ and that looks a little
orangey on my skin now
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Unknown said...

Its very true that they hardly do anything for paler girls!I haven't tried this foundation by GOSH. I like how it lasts on the skin might just check it out :) x

. said...

im always on the look out for pale foundations to suit my skin so i will check this out!! :D

Victoria - VictoriaWrote said...

Ohh, this sounds good. I'm very pale and totally agree that Nicola Roberts range, while it looks good, is pretty expensive. I've never really looked at Gosh products before but definitely going to try and find this xx

Giancarlo said...

felice giornata...ciao

Loves Of Lucy said...

I am super pale so this sound perfect! I totally get what you mean by such awful lightingh in stores; such a great idea to try it in daylight! xx

Francesca | said...

I'm definitely with you on cosmetics companies not quite catering for paler ladies, it can be so tough to get something that doesn't leave you looking a little too orange! But I'll definitely be checking out this foundation next time I'm in-store xx

aoife! said...

I Love this Foundation Jess! It's brilliant! Keep an eye out in Unicare pharmacies, it is regularly on sale! I always buy it in college because they sell it half the price! Another great pale foundation which is even a lighter shade than GOSH porcelain, is Avon Flawless Finish Foundation in Light Pink! It's just like the Gosh in its 'lightness' and 'natural feel' and not to mention a little also goes a long way.. it's not too oily on the skin either! I use Gosh in college because I usually have some tan on in college but I love the Avon for the 'O Natural' look!