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Bargaineous Blush Palette.

I've been meaning to post about this blush palette for a few days now but can never get the shades to photograph true to colour. Damn you bad lighting and awful irish weather. But anyway, I ordered this off ebay what feels like ages ago now but it wasn't really. It does come from china so if you do order expect snail pace delivery. I came across it through somebodies blog post and I wanted it instantly. I can't find the blog I originally saw it on, which is annoying. I thought it was quite the bargain and ordered straight away. You get 10 pretty intense shades for 99p which works out at like 10p a blush.....excluding the 2.69£ shipping but that doesn't really count..does it? ;)
I wasn't expecting much from a 99p ebay palette but I'm seriously impressed. I actually reach for this far more than my MAC and Benefit blushes, purely because of how pigmented it is. There's quite a mix of shades, some are clearly more 'in your face' than others but surprisingly enough I'm loving the bright pinks in this more than the more muted peachy tones. I think this would suit everyones taste cause you have your matte shades but also the ones with a bit of shimmer and a variation of pinks, coral and peaches. A little sweep of blush and you're ready to go, 99p though, you can't really go wrong. You can find it on ebay here.
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Unknown said...

I just ordered this a couple of days back! It really does look good plus I love blushers! X

TheOtherSideofCool said...

This does look amazing and I'm so almost tempted... just worried about putting unknown ingredients on my skin! xx
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Loves Of Lucy said...

such lovely colours; look so cute and doll like! I am always a bit pre cautious about buying make-up online, but this pallete looks gorgeous!xx

Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

99p? thats crazy!!
Would be worried about the ingredients though!


Ellie Burns said...

99p?!?!! that's crazy! I love the peachy colour, so pretty xx