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Safari Nail Art.

Okay so its not the best nail art you'll ever seen on a blog but I think for a first attempt its pretty damn good....right? I followed the tutorial on Sophies blog here and thought her step by step guide was pretty good. Clearly Sophie is far better at these cool nail arts than I am ;) I'm actually going to try all of the ones in her 'nail art' tag if you're interested in seeing what I do next.. I think how she lays out the post is very helpful and I'm excited to try more. I didn't use the same polish as Sophie, I used Essie - Mint Candy Apple, Essie - Cute as a button and Barry M - Berry 138. I also used just a random nail art pen that I won in a giveaway, review to come soon. I like the look, I think its pretty cool and adds an interesting effect to my nails. A bit rawrrrr.



(Shirt - Awear, Jeans & Bracelet - Topshop.)
I thought Id share an 'OOTD' with you lot. My 'style' is nothing amazing, very simple, plain, me. You'll come to see that if I do more of these. I love this shirt so much it's a little cray. The tie around the neck is really cute and reminds me of the shirt I wanted from Primark/Penneys that I never got my hands on. I was more devastated than I should have been about it really.
(Belt - Primark/Penneys.)
Those of you who've followed my blog since this time last year will know that I got into college (or Uni for you UK peeps), hated it and swiftly left two months later. ohhhh drop out.... but best thing I ever did. I re-applied and boom~ I'm off to study social media and marketing. I'm really looking forward to it. More so than I was last year so thats a good sign right? All my friends are heading into the second year now with the exception of like 3 who are also beginning their first year so it's great. I literally only accepted my offer a couple hours ago. I got two offers and I literally couldn't decide. I'm not sure when I start but I'm sure my blog will suffer between moving and getting settled in. Not that I'm moving really far away or anything I'm not. It's like 30mins haha. Be grand. Are any of you starting your first year? Leave a comment below (: 


Thursday Wishlist 1.


Monki Dress, Romwe Skirt, Michael Kors Watch, Topshop Boots.
I thought I'd share with you guys a few of the things i've been lusting after lately. My bank balance will definitely hate me if I go out and splurge on the Micheal Kors watch in one go, so I've slowly been saving for it. Only a gazillion euro to go. The monki dress is so cute. I seen it on 'Charlotte Martin' yesterday and fell in love. I've never bought from 'Monki' before so I'm excited to get my hands on it. The 'Romwe' skirt is something I stumbled across when I was bored and took to online shopping. Loving the whole 'high/low' trend right now. The 'Topshop' boots explain themselves really, I mean look at them. I seen them in store and need them. 90£ for a pair of studded boots, sure why not? That's not crazy in the slightest.


Bargaineous Blush Palette.

I've been meaning to post about this blush palette for a few days now but can never get the shades to photograph true to colour. Damn you bad lighting and awful irish weather. But anyway, I ordered this off ebay what feels like ages ago now but it wasn't really. It does come from china so if you do order expect snail pace delivery. I came across it through somebodies blog post and I wanted it instantly. I can't find the blog I originally saw it on, which is annoying. I thought it was quite the bargain and ordered straight away. You get 10 pretty intense shades for 99p which works out at like 10p a blush.....excluding the 2.69£ shipping but that doesn't really count..does it? ;)
I wasn't expecting much from a 99p ebay palette but I'm seriously impressed. I actually reach for this far more than my MAC and Benefit blushes, purely because of how pigmented it is. There's quite a mix of shades, some are clearly more 'in your face' than others but surprisingly enough I'm loving the bright pinks in this more than the more muted peachy tones. I think this would suit everyones taste cause you have your matte shades but also the ones with a bit of shimmer and a variation of pinks, coral and peaches. A little sweep of blush and you're ready to go, 99p though, you can't really go wrong. You can find it on ebay here.
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The Perfect Pale Foundation.

I'm always on the look out for the 'perfect' foundation. Which is probably why i've bought more foundations in the past month than I usually do. Frankly I put this down to shitty drugstore lighting. Note to self : leave store with foundation swatched on hand and compare in natural sunlight. The difference will shock you! A friend recommended I try this, she's paler than I am, so I hoped it would match. I find that make up companies these days don't cater for the paler girl, which is unfortunate cause there is a lot of us. I know Nicola Roberts has a line out but thats a little expensive for me.
This foundation is my favourite thing. It matches my skin as if it was an extra layer of skin covering all those lovely imperfections. I find its very light on my skin which is great because it feels more natural and regardless of its light colouring, a little really does go a long way. I don't have to pack a tonne of it on to get my desired level of coverage. It lasts a good few hours too, more than I'd expect considering I work in a hot kitchen and its still there come 5 o'clock. I'd recommend you all go and buy this. The irish price is as far as I can remember 13.99€. My tube is now empty but I'll definitely be buying another one.....If you'd like to compare my skin to yours, I was matched as an NW15 in MAC which used to match my skin perfectly. But then I got even paler ~hello anemia~ and that looks a little
orangey on my skin now
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Fuzzy Peach.

When I go to 'The Body Shop' I usually head straight for the body butters and never acknowledge the fact that they have other products. Silly me. When I was in London this caught my eye straight away not only because it was at the bargaineous price of 2£ but because of its mangoey/peach scent. The smell reminds of me the tropical juice you can but in tesco - delicious. I don't expect much when it comes to shower gels because well they're shower gels. They're all gel like and don't claim to do an awful lot. The only thing I wanted to see with this was would the scent linger on my skin and brilliantly enough it kind of does. It's not incredible strong or anything but its there and it's noticeable enough for my mum to ask with is it, so A+. When the gel interacts with the shower water the burst of mangoey deliciousness is incredible. It really floats about in the air. I wouldn't say my skin has become any softer or anything using this but as I said above, I wasn't expecting anything. I'm actually almost finished this now -picture taken when bought- and can't wait to purchase another.
I might try another of their shower gels if you guys have any suggestions?
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