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Topshop Prime Time.

I dont know if any of you have tried out any of the blushers form the Topshop make up range but if you haven't already you need to. 'Prime Time' is my second blush from the range. I was so impressed with 'Neon Rose' (review here) that I just had to get my mitts on another.
I know a lot of people find the Topshop packaging slightly irritating because of how grubby it begins to look after a while but I really like it. With white packaging it's bound to get a little dirty with use. I think the spotty design is really cute and simple and the mirror on the inside is incredibly handy.
'Prime Time' is a gorgeous bright pink. When I picked it up it seemed almost slightly neonish? Maybe that's because I usually don't go for bright pinks like this but something about it caught my eye anyway. It's very vibrant and adds that extra something to your make up. I find it to be very buildable and it doesn't go cakey or anything on my skin. Sometimes I'll just add a slight brush to my cheeks if I'm looking for a somewhat more subtle glow.
The formula of the Topshop blush is what really draws me in -other than the great range of shades and budget friendly price-. It applies as a cream but the finish is more powdery and I love, love, love this about these blushes. I used to just dab it on with my fingers but lately I've found that using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush is a hell of a lot better.
I enjoy using this blush, the colour is just encroyable and for 6£ you can't go wrong.
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Laura Loves Makeup said...

They really have amazing blushes, love that colour X

Dilan Dilir said...

the color is amazing and I love the box!

lily white english rose said...

i love the topshop packaging its so cute. a few of their blushes might have to find their way into my shopping bag come pay day, love this colour :D x x x

Shannyn said...

I love the packaging on the Top Shop products. This color is simply gorgeous! I really need to try out their products.

Jiglycious said...

amazing blushes
love the color



Anonymous said...

Curse only having one topshop in Australia and having it 2 hours away!
I may have to do a day trip, the review of these sound amazing.

nicolina(: said...

Topshop blushes are such good quality and they're not even that expensive! Prime Time looks lovely :)

Anonymous said...

I have this blush as soon as i swatched it i had to have it, i also picked up Topshops 'Clueless' a lip crayon, the two really go perfect together Ax

Unknown said...

I finally got my first topshop item! and now this will be the second ;) beaut! xx

Holly said...

Love Topshop cream blushes!! this colour is crazy!! :) love the mirror inside too, so handy! x

Francesca | said...

I've only ever tried Neon Rose from the Topshop blush range, and I have to admit, I was seriously impressed, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for this one, too :) looks like such a gorgeous shade! Xx

Lucyy Writes said...

I want this blush so bad plus the RT stippling brush, but my topshop is rubbish!? They have no makeup.

Unknown said...

I bought a Topshop creme blush last weekend, I like the formula, but I'm not used to applying it so that needs some working on!

Kate x