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Cute As A Button.

(Essie - Cute as a Button 7£)
i'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work but when i get the chance -thursday evenings just in time for the weekend- i splash this onto my nails the second i get home. it's definitely my 'go to' nail polish right now. i love the shade, i was instantly drawn to it when i saw it on the stand in boots. it's so cute. i would describe it as a 'sugary pink', its not quite 'hot pink' but its no pastel baby pink either, borderline in between being all girly and living up to my pink nail polish expectations. chippage is minimal, non existent even. which is saying something as i'm a sucker for chipping the hell out of my nail polish. it dries pretty rapidly too. by the time i've finished my right hand my left is dry and ready for the second coat. probably my favourite thing about this nail polish after the shade because i'm also terrible for smudging my nails too.
I can see why so many bloggers have hyped the hell out of these nail polishes.


slight jewelry addiction.....

Hi, my name is Jess and I have a ridiculous addiction to jewelry right now. afterall i did only just blog about my love for the arm candy trend.  the crazy thing is, this isn't even all of it. since i snapped the photos on sunday i've had things arrive off ebay.
i couldn't help it i needed this in my life. its just so cute and by the time i got around to having movney on my card it was sold out on asos and well a girls gotta do and all that. i was actually surprised how quickly it arrived, i only ordered it a week and a half ago and it came from china.. i did only order the bracelet but when i opened the package, the seller had thrown in one of those nifty seeing eye rings that everyone's in love with?. Besides Topshop and H&M are having amazing sales right now so really I just couldn't help myself when i saw 'half price'.


Painting The Town Red.

My plans for last night changed rather swifty. I did have intentions of staying in and being lame but after 'umming' and 'ahhing' on whether I should hit the town with my friends, I decided at half 8 (pretty late in terms of time to get ready) I would go out. The night itself was kind of a let down but the craic was had. Unfortunately due to being incredibly bored I left early (shame on me) and headed home to bed and by bed I mean spending the next like hour and a half reblogging pictures of Miley Cyrus on tumblr. If you're reading this Sophie I'm sure you will understand the obsession ;)
I wore out this dress that I got two years or so ago from 'Topshop'. After having it hanging in my wardrobe for what feels like an eternity I decided to put it to good use. I used to wear it all the time but then fell out of love with it when prettier things came along. I'm sure you're all well aware of the fake litas making their rounds on almost every blog.....they're so pretty. I love them. I wear them out every night without fail..., honestly if you're looking for a pair of heels that are super comfy and make you look 6ft tall, you need these pronto. I'm currently on a little 'spending ban' after going a little cray cray with online shopping. I have a few things that are on their way over the next few days. I get so inpatient waiting for things to arrive. Especially the high waisted american apparel trousers I ordered! Cannot wait for those babies to arrive.....going a little mad as i ordered them over a week ago and keep torturing myself by looking at them online. Also if any of you guys know where I can get a real good luminous yellow nail polish leave a comment below, I'm loving a bit of neon nail right now. If you actually read all of this waffle, kudos to you and apologies for the time you may have wasted.


Topshop Prime Time.

I dont know if any of you have tried out any of the blushers form the Topshop make up range but if you haven't already you need to. 'Prime Time' is my second blush from the range. I was so impressed with 'Neon Rose' (review here) that I just had to get my mitts on another.
I know a lot of people find the Topshop packaging slightly irritating because of how grubby it begins to look after a while but I really like it. With white packaging it's bound to get a little dirty with use. I think the spotty design is really cute and simple and the mirror on the inside is incredibly handy.
'Prime Time' is a gorgeous bright pink. When I picked it up it seemed almost slightly neonish? Maybe that's because I usually don't go for bright pinks like this but something about it caught my eye anyway. It's very vibrant and adds that extra something to your make up. I find it to be very buildable and it doesn't go cakey or anything on my skin. Sometimes I'll just add a slight brush to my cheeks if I'm looking for a somewhat more subtle glow.
The formula of the Topshop blush is what really draws me in -other than the great range of shades and budget friendly price-. It applies as a cream but the finish is more powdery and I love, love, love this about these blushes. I used to just dab it on with my fingers but lately I've found that using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush is a hell of a lot better.
I enjoy using this blush, the colour is just encroyable and for 6£ you can't go wrong.
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Arm Candy.

(Forever21 & Primark/Penneys)
I thought I'd share with you guys what I'm loving fashion/style wise right now. I'm really loving bracelets. Especially a bunch of bracelets piled onto the one arm. I really think it adds that extra bit of 'oomph' to an outift without looking like you've tried too hard. In reality its all pretty effortless isn't it? I've been spending hours trawling through ebay lately looking for the perfect pieces. I'm loving anything skullish, linky and gold. Even a bit of gold and silver. Usually a total no but with the right pieces I think it really works. I'm eyeing up these cross bracelets on Derng but haven't been able to talk myself into buying them yet. I've spent far too much on jewelry lately and there's a certain amount of effort waiting for stuff to arrive from America. I'm an inpatient little blogger ;) 


Blueberry Body Butter.

There's something about 'The Body Shops' body butters that I can't get enough of. Between the ridiculously amazing scents and how moisturising they are, I just cannot get enough.
I picked this up for 6£ when I was in London a few weeks ago. 'The Body Shop' were having a sale on and I couldn't pass that up now could I? I toyed between purchasing a full version of The Shea Body Butter (review here) or this Blueberry version. I really love anything Blueberry scented so this won out in the end. The smell is incredible. It's just so blueberryish. I've found myself applying the body butter constantly purely just to get a wiff of blueberry. Which works out great cause I'm applying it more than I usually would have and my skin is thanking me for it. Especially those dry patches on my knees. You only need to apply the smallest bit and I find it really moisturising. It leaves my skin so soft and nearly good enough to eat. The lingering scent of blueberries is my favourite thing about this.
(I've written blueberry a ridiculous amount of times in this.)