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My Top 5 : Favourite Youtubers.

There is nothing I love more than coming across a great youtube channel. One that as soon as I come across it I could just sit there and watch as many videos as I possible can. I spend so long trying to find good gurus so I figured I'd make it easy for you lot and throw a list together of my favorite youtubers so you guys can sit down and enjoy them as much as I do.
The first is 'ARose186'. Arden is an american guru who does a lot of haul videos, 
tutorials and style vids. I love her personality and her personal style. She doesn't have  a lot of persistant make up tutorials but when she does upload one I'm thankful that it isn't a 30mins long make up tutorial, straight to the point.
 'LeanneWoodfull' is an irish guru who also has her own beauty blog here. I first found Leanne through her blog after seeing it featured in an irish magazine 'Kiss'. Her
style is what i'd describe as 'quirky' mixed with classic pin up? Either way I love it.
Her tutorials and personal videos are great and as an irish guru it's great seeing
items in haul videos that I can actually get a hold of.
Lo's youtube is amazing 'LoLuFullyLoaded'. She is just one of those youtubers that you will never get sick of seeing in your sub box, just a real upbeat personality. I love how she does persistent tutorials whether its hair or make up and I also adore her styling videos. She's really given me some great ideas and you really need to check out some of her fitness vids.. I also die everytime I see her do a haul and wish my style was half as good. Like Leanne she also has her own beauty and fashion blog here.
Last but not least is 'Louella'. I'm sure you're all well aware of Zoe (Zoella) and Louise (SprinkleofGlitter) and if not where have you been? The each have their own youtube channels and respective blogs. But they really come as a package deal these days which is great for all us 'Louella' fans ;) Zoe's channel has a lot of amazing primark hauls and the odd tutorial. Louise's channel has quite a few tutorials mixed in with reviews & cute Babyglitter vids.
Have any of you watched any of these before?
Leave a comment below or maybe tweet me '@jessestwit' with a link to your fave.


Bethan said...

Great suggestions, I love watching youtube videos :) x

Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

Love all of these youtubers, was just watching Lo's video this morning about the one direction concert and her throwing the cat on stage, hilarious!

Also love Zoe and Louise, they're probably my favorite out of the 5 but I do love Leanne and Arden too! :)

I really like MissBudgetBeauty, CarlieStylez, Katilette & HeyKali who aren't necessarily beauty 'guru's' as they do fitness, crafts, recipe's and blogs etc too but I love anybody that's got to do with the Shaytards haha! I also really like TheCurrentCustom - Lorraine, Grav3yardgirl who is hilarious, HauteBrilliance, LaurzBeauty - another Irish girl, Missbeauty4everxo - Morgan, ThePersianBabe and Anna SacconeJoly/The Style Diet.. the list is endless!

haha sorry for the huge comment! :)


Celine said...

Louella are just hilarious i just proper LOL everytime i watch them. :L gonna check the other youtubers out tonight :)

Anonymous said...

I love Zoe and Lousie :D
Cerys <3

Unknown said...

I'm not really a youtube person but I will definitely check these out!