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Week In Photos 009.

Finally got the hard copy / Daisy / Drinking ridiculous amounts of lucozade.
Macbook cover broke / Company Magazine / Catrice Nail Polishes.
ASOS Delivery / Loving this song / One Tree Hill S1 flashback.
Way better than Starbucks / Sunny skies / Catrice 'Blue Caro Ciao'.
Make It Or Break It / ELLE UK / Dip Dab = Love.
Nom nom nom / Going to London next month / Youtube catch up.

This is more like a month in photos.....oh well. I just love these kind of posts because
well I'm nosey like that haha.
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Holly said...

Loving foxes too! great find from GG! :) sooo jealous of you going to London!for a bit of shopping?

Literally haven't had a dip dab for years ! xx

Jess said...

Ahhh yes Gossip Girl is where I got it. Can't stop listening. x

Dilan Dilir said...

wonderful photos,love instagram :D

Aveen said...

Hiya, I love these posts! :) I seen in one of your recent posts that you couldn't figure out how to make them at first! Me too!! i thought I was the only one! :) I make them in Photobucket now how about you? :) You lucky thing going to London at the end of the month :) Im jealous! xxx The Catrice polishes look lovely I think I might try them out :) xxx

Ciara Treacy said...

Looks like a good week Jess :) I'm defo gonna watch OTH from the start sometime soon! x

Francesca | said...

Looks like you had a lovely week :) gotta love some vintage One Tree Hill!
Ooh I live in London haha, hope you have fun on your trip! xx

Kim said...

I want to go to London too!! So nice. :-)

Rachel said...

I love that blue nail polish shade!