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Summer Lovin'

Making the most of the sunny weather at the weekend the whole family took a day trip out to 'Lough Key Forest Park'. It's almost a guarantee that we will go there at least once every summer. We had a mini picnic, took a splash in the lake and then my brother and I went on the 'Zipit' which is basically being on a harness climbing 15-20ft up in the trees. Me not being so good with heights took a while to complete the entire course. But I did it and lived to tell the tale ;)
Spent the rest of the weekend lazing around in the garden, reading numerous magazines and eating copious amounts of ice cream to try and deal with the heat. More of a winter girl myself. Snow, hot chocolate and fluffy socks whilst curled up in front of the Tv? Yes please.
Also went to a friends house for pizza and to watch the eurovision. Absolutely gutted about poor Jedward


Julia Henderson said...

That place looks lovely! Gotta love company magazine!

Julia x

Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

That looks like a lovely place!
I totally agree about winter, I love being cosy and warm.
Although I still do like summer, if we actually had one that is.

Also, is it me or does Jesse J's foot look HUGE in that magazine cover? haha


Unknown said...

this looks lovely, gotta love summer! x

Rachael said...

I did one of those write things in the trees on a school get away - really loved it at the time but I'm more panicky these days in general so I don't think I'd have the guts to do it now!

Celene said...

omg wow, thats really near where i live, yaaay. Its really fun there, we were supposed to do Zipit on our school tour but i was afraid of heights and then in the end we didn't go. Love your blog, and the face that your fellow Irish, we cant really get as good products as in England and stuff :) xxx

Laura said...

Stunning photos. I love the photo of the lanterns.

Laura xo