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Summer Hair Protection.

When it comes to the summer this mini heat wave we're having right now. I'm extra vigilant about how I take care of my hair. Some people seem to forget that when the sun is out in full force that their hair needs protecting too, not just their skin. I swear by this 'Ombra Pre Sun Hair Protect Spray' that you can pick up in ALDI for no more than 5€. (sorry guys you know I'm rubbish at remembering prices). I spray onto dry hair before I go outside and apply it again through out the day if I feel I need to. The smell is a fruity summer scent that isn't overwhelming in the slightest. It doesn't linger on your hair which is great because this way no nasty buggers are attracted to it. And thankfully it doesn't make your hair frizzy either. Do you guys use anything to protect your hair from the sun?


Glitter Detector said...

I always try to use a hair protection too when I'm on the beach or at the pool, Phyto has a really good range I love it! xx

Anonymous said...

I love ALDI =D I might have to pick some up
Cerys ♥

Tattooed Tealady said...

I've never thought of a sun protection spray for hair! xo

Lucyy Writes said...

I think I should, I use heat sprays for styling, but nothing for sun :/ I now have a burnt scalp. Thank god I'm not bald and have plenty of hair, less noticeable :|