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Some Suggestions Please?

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I was hoping you guys could help? I'm going to London at the start of next month for two days with a friend. I've been twice before and I always end up doing the same things. My friend has never been so ofcourse we're going to be doing the typical touristy stuff, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, etc etc but I was hoping you guys could comment below with other things to do? Perhaps the names of some museums, shops and other things we could do there. Not really interested in going to any restaurants so anything other than that would be amazing or just let me know what you did if you've ever visited.
(I'm not leaving till the middle of June so keep suggesting)


Tattooed Tealady said...

I used to live in London :) So hopefully I can help out!

London Zoo is nice, which is just outside of Camden. It has a lot to see and can be a nice day out if the weather is nice. There is also the London Aquarium, but don't prioritise too much time for this as it's not as big as it looks!

The British Museum and the Natural History Museum are two places I would really recommend, and next to the Natural History museum is the Science museum, which is really fun and interesting!

If you go into Camden avoid the main tourist market! The stables market however has some lovely little stalls and shops, particularly those by the canal!

If you want to go shopping I'd definitely recommend Shepherd's Bush which has a huge Westfields shopping center and is really lovely!

I used to love taking a stroll around Leicester Square and Piccadilly Circus at night, and Soho! In Piccadilly circus there is also an amusements mall which can be fun, called Trocadero! And one place I would definitely suggest is my favourite place of all in London, Covent Garden! If you go late afternoon you can browse the shops then catch street entertainment, too! It's so lovely there!

I hope you both have a lovely time :) xo

Dilan Dilir said...

I have never been there,but It would be nice to go there,sometime :)

Mandy said...

I just went when my parents came over from the states to visit so we had to do all the touristy stuff as well :) My favorite is the Museum of Natural History and I also really loved the Tower of London. The Tower of London was just really interesting and it was neat being able to see the Crown Jewels there. Hope you have a great time! xx

Sarirah said...

I'd also suggest Tate Britain to see the Damien Hirst exhibition (if you're interested). The National Portrait Gallery also has some interesting exhibitions on. Portobello Road and around Notting Hill is a nice walk and they have some nice shops around there especially vintage.

Hope you both have a great time in London. :) x

Eloise said...

i would recommend going to the v&a, shopping in covent garden and oxford street and brick lane.

eloise xxx

Rachael said...

Take a visit to Liberty's and Carnaby street! And maybe have a look at Fortnum and Mason? So pretty :) You could visit the Laduree in the Burlington Arcade too, I love it there xx

fashionismyh2o said...

The national history museum is one of my favourite places on earth! Absolutely LOVE covent garden too and oxford street for the shopping!


Unknown said...

I live just outside london and am always there . . . if you want to shop a trip to selfridges wouldn't be a bad idea, as it's in the middle of oxford street. Camden market is also good, unlike anywhere else i've been, or carnaby street for something in the middle :) x x

Gina said...

The design museum has a Louboutin exhibition on at the moment that looks amazing. I'm going at some point in the week so I'll let you know how it is!
Go see a show too! They're my favourite thing. xx

Anonymous said...

camden market is brilliant. Defiantly see a show. Tower of London, Planet hollywood.
London is amazing.

Beth said...

the stables market in camden is lovely. See a show on the west end. Go to either the science museum, British Museum or the national history museum.

If you want to go outside london, go to harry potter world in watford. It has really good reviews.

RedBobGirl. said...

This is probably a bit late but definatly see a west end show! I went and saw Billy Elliot last week and it was brilliant! Do go to covent garden because it is lovely eating around 6 and watching all of the street entertainment! Go to China Town aswell you get some lovely food shops there and lots of little kooky shops that sell the most random things! Hope you enjoy your visit! xox

Unknown said...

Portobello Road is really cool aswell as Brick Lane or Camden! There are also lots of art galleries and museums but depends what you are interested in. You could maybe try an open top bus tour? Hope this helps :)

Unknown said...

Also Covent Garden is nice too! They also have cute buskers and street entertainers :)

Lucyy Writes said...

You have to do Covent Garden, Kings road < I love the whole area round there, pretty strange think I got papped once :| Or it was just a pervert!? London eye, Liberty and buy lots of Macaroons :D