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Rimmel - Lasting Finish Foundation.

Since my MAC foundation ran out i've been on the look out for a good drugstore equivalent. I've recently been using the '17 Miracle Matte Foundation' but I've decided that I really don't like it on my skin so went out and purchased this. It has a pump and pumps quite a generous amount. It claims to last 25 hours but I don't know how true that is. I get from 8am - 7pm before I go and wash it all off. I have a tendency to lean on my face a lot and this really puts up with it. I find it barely rubs off. I like how lightweight it is and how it doesn't feel like I've got anything on my face. It feels very natural. Unfortunately this colour is a bit dark for me (it looked fine when i swatched it but when i came home it looked completely different).I'm an anemic ghost and incredibly pale so it has hard to get a good pale foundation, but this blends pretty easy so theres no ~dark face white neck~. My favourite thing? I love how it doesn't sway towards the orange side. I find a lot of rimmel foundations are guilty of this but this is pretty much a 'skin colour' no hint of orange here at all. I've been really pleased with it. As far as measuring up to my empty MAC foundation , it is up there. But purely because of how it lasts throughout the day. Any of you given this a pop?


Lauren Baker said...

I used this for ages and was quite happy with it. But then I noticed it started to rub off onto the collar of my white shirt and I wasn't so impressed. xx

Char! said...

this sounds quite nice. I recently moved away from the 17 foundation too xx

Make me up said...

I keep wanting to try this out, might have to now! Btw, love your blog header :) x

Ela said...

I too am a face leaner, I am always touching my face, may have to give this a whirl!

Francesca | said...

Sounds like this foundation has great staying power - shame about the shade, though; I'm ghostly pale, too, so I have a similar problem in finding good foundations is such a struggle! xx