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Nails Inc Nail Polish.

If you guys didn't know this months 'Instyle' magazine has a free 'Nails Inc' nail polish. There's a choice of three colours, a peachy pastel one, this pastel lilac one and another one (I can't remember the colour). My first 'Nails Inc' nail polish and I really like the application. Two coats and it looks perfect. The three shades together are worth 33£. 'Instyle' retails at £3.40 so for all three it works out at £10.20. Absolute bargain. I'm considering picking up the peachy one too.....this month I'm going to have a couple of 'Instyle' going spare haha.


TheOtherSideofCool said...

Such a pretty colour! I miss all the amazing freebs you guys get with mags in the UK! xx
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Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

Ahh thanks for putting this post up! I'm definitely going on search for the peachy one tomorrow! :)


Claire said...

I just put the peach shade on tonight :) I have all three and I love them! (The only problem is the stack of InStyle magazines I have now collected, haha)

Char! said...

that is a really nice shade xx

Julia Henderson said...

That's a lovely colour! X

Tattooed Tealady said...

I got all three and love them :) Such a bargain! xo

Ane said...

I've always wanted to try nails inc, I'm going to have to hunt down a copy :)

Lucyy Writes said...

I picked up this shade, wasn't it nice that the shades were more wearable than the samey darks that are usually free! :D