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I Have a Lip Butter Addiction.

I bought another Lip Butter..... I personally think they're amazing. A little pricey at 11€ mind you but I'm willing to fork out. My local Revlon stand has finally gotten in a few of these. I was way too excited.
I picked up Lollipop which is a nice purply colour with tiny bits of shimmer.
Out of the three lip butters I have (review here) this one is by far the best
when it comes to strong pigmentation.
Unlike 'Sweet Tart' this is more along the outrageous side. It's very
vibrant and just a lovely colour. In typical lip butter style you do really
need to exfoliate your lips well before applying this. They really do highlight every bit of dry skin don't they haha? But the finish result is perfect.
I'm really liking this right now and I think the name 'Lollipop' is so cute.
I'm thinking of getting 'Peach Parfait' next. If any of you have done a review of that
I'd love if you left the link below. 


Anonymous said...

I desperately want to try these, they look so amazing! And the names are really sweet too.

Ellie said...

I love this colour, it's amazing! I think a purchase might be necessary in Boots tomorrow :) xxx

Erin said...

This looks lovely! I have Peach Parfait and it looks really nice on. It's not really a proper review but I posted about it (and Sugar Frosting) here: :) x

Rachael said...

I really want to try them! This colour looks lovely xx

Natalie Suarez said...

such a pretty shade!! obsessed :)


Zoe Barrow said...

oh wow i love the colour of this, so perfect. x

Samantha Jade said...

These butters seem more and more appealing, trying to steer away from the vaseline now. And these seem perfect, moisture and colour together.xx

Unknown said...

i still havent bought any! :( the colour is beaut though!x

girlvsworld said...

beautiful colour!
can't wait to buy some of these butters :-)

Curious Emily said...

Looks amazing but I'd love to see a picture of it on your face!

Emily x

Lucyy Writes said...

I love this shade, much brighter than sweet tart that I love! :)


Nikscritsx said...

I'm also IN LOVE with the lip butters. I now own 4 and they're all amazing xx

Lauraxamy said...

I love the look of this colour, I don't think I've seen it before but it's gorgeous! xx

Ela said...

I've done a review of Peach Parfait, the light was being weird so I have to take photos but the post should be up by tomorrow afternoon :)

Love the colour!