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Summer Lovin'

Making the most of the sunny weather at the weekend the whole family took a day trip out to 'Lough Key Forest Park'. It's almost a guarantee that we will go there at least once every summer. We had a mini picnic, took a splash in the lake and then my brother and I went on the 'Zipit' which is basically being on a harness climbing 15-20ft up in the trees. Me not being so good with heights took a while to complete the entire course. But I did it and lived to tell the tale ;)
Spent the rest of the weekend lazing around in the garden, reading numerous magazines and eating copious amounts of ice cream to try and deal with the heat. More of a winter girl myself. Snow, hot chocolate and fluffy socks whilst curled up in front of the Tv? Yes please.
Also went to a friends house for pizza and to watch the eurovision. Absolutely gutted about poor Jedward


Summer Hair Protection.

When it comes to the summer this mini heat wave we're having right now. I'm extra vigilant about how I take care of my hair. Some people seem to forget that when the sun is out in full force that their hair needs protecting too, not just their skin. I swear by this 'Ombra Pre Sun Hair Protect Spray' that you can pick up in ALDI for no more than 5€. (sorry guys you know I'm rubbish at remembering prices). I spray onto dry hair before I go outside and apply it again through out the day if I feel I need to. The smell is a fruity summer scent that isn't overwhelming in the slightest. It doesn't linger on your hair which is great because this way no nasty buggers are attracted to it. And thankfully it doesn't make your hair frizzy either. Do you guys use anything to protect your hair from the sun?


NOTD - Nails Inc.

The weather is amazing right now. So hot. I feel like I'm back in Italy all over again. I'm making the most of it whilst it lasts though. Pastel nails and cute summer dresses all the way. Today I'm wearing the Nails Inc nail polish I blogged about a few days ago here. I love the contrast between the pastel lilac and the dark purple dress. Hope you guys are enjoying the weather. Summer seems to want to stick around for more than one day this year.


Dark Shadows.

The Urban Decay 'Naked Palette' probably the most blogged about beauty item I have ever seen. Albeit I'm a bit late to the party with this, considering 'Naked 2' is already spreading like wildfire but none the less. I knew this would be perfect for me because i love more neutrally brown type colours compared to crazy pinks and greens I got my hands on this just before Christmas when it was on offer in Debenhams for 35€. An early Christmas present from me to me.....  
My most used shade from the palette is 'Naked'. I think its a nice subtle colour which is perfect for everyday use. For nights out to create a more dramatic look I like to use this to contour around my eyes. Being so pale anything browner looks ridiculous and this is perfect. It just looks so natural. I find myself reaching for it over any of my other eyeshadows.
Closely tied for favourite are 'Toasted' and 'Hustle'. I like to wear both of these together if I'm going for more of an 'oomph' with my eye make up. I find 'Hustle' on application isn't as shimmery as it looks on the palette but I really like that. It's a gorgeous dark brown and perfect for a smokey eye. 'Toasted' is quite shimmery with gold speckles as you can see in the swatch in the picture below. It's quite pigmented too and easy to blend in.
I really like the 'Naked Palette' and I can see why its so widely raved about. There's quite a few shades to satisfy everyones taste and as you can see none of them are even close to hitting the pan. I reach for these three shades a lot more than any of the rest, granted I feel a little guilty for neglecting the other nine but sure what can you do?


Some Suggestions Please?

(Images via WeHeartIt.)
I was hoping you guys could help? I'm going to London at the start of next month for two days with a friend. I've been twice before and I always end up doing the same things. My friend has never been so ofcourse we're going to be doing the typical touristy stuff, Buckingham Palace, London Eye, etc etc but I was hoping you guys could comment below with other things to do? Perhaps the names of some museums, shops and other things we could do there. Not really interested in going to any restaurants so anything other than that would be amazing or just let me know what you did if you've ever visited.
(I'm not leaving till the middle of June so keep suggesting)


Nails Inc Nail Polish.

If you guys didn't know this months 'Instyle' magazine has a free 'Nails Inc' nail polish. There's a choice of three colours, a peachy pastel one, this pastel lilac one and another one (I can't remember the colour). My first 'Nails Inc' nail polish and I really like the application. Two coats and it looks perfect. The three shades together are worth 33£. 'Instyle' retails at £3.40 so for all three it works out at £10.20. Absolute bargain. I'm considering picking up the peachy one too.....this month I'm going to have a couple of 'Instyle' going spare haha.


Benefit Erase Paste.

This little 4.5ml pot of concealer has been my life saver for the last couple of months. With certain stresses and sleepless nights my under eye circles were pretty awful. But a smidge of this under my eyes and any sign of fatigue and dark circles disappeared. It's brilliant.
As you can see in the 'Before' picture I'm currently not rocking any major dark circles but a little dab still goes a long way in removing slight darkness under my inner corners and patches of red. I've really liked using this just around my eyes. I don't use it anywhere else on my face as I find the formula is a little too creamy for using on spots and blemishes. 
It blends really well into my skin and I find a small dab goes a long way. I do recommend using some powder on top just to help it stay in place. I know a lot of people are a bit iffy about picking this up due to the hefty price tag (20+€) for the small amount you get. But it is worth it and if you suffer from stubborn eye circles this does help cover them up. I use the lightest shade 'No1 Fair'.
Have any of you tried this? Did you like using it?


Rimmel - Lasting Finish Foundation.

Since my MAC foundation ran out i've been on the look out for a good drugstore equivalent. I've recently been using the '17 Miracle Matte Foundation' but I've decided that I really don't like it on my skin so went out and purchased this. It has a pump and pumps quite a generous amount. It claims to last 25 hours but I don't know how true that is. I get from 8am - 7pm before I go and wash it all off. I have a tendency to lean on my face a lot and this really puts up with it. I find it barely rubs off. I like how lightweight it is and how it doesn't feel like I've got anything on my face. It feels very natural. Unfortunately this colour is a bit dark for me (it looked fine when i swatched it but when i came home it looked completely different).I'm an anemic ghost and incredibly pale so it has hard to get a good pale foundation, but this blends pretty easy so theres no ~dark face white neck~. My favourite thing? I love how it doesn't sway towards the orange side. I find a lot of rimmel foundations are guilty of this but this is pretty much a 'skin colour' no hint of orange here at all. I've been really pleased with it. As far as measuring up to my empty MAC foundation , it is up there. But purely because of how it lasts throughout the day. Any of you given this a pop?


Week In Photos 009.

Finally got the hard copy / Daisy / Drinking ridiculous amounts of lucozade.
Macbook cover broke / Company Magazine / Catrice Nail Polishes.
ASOS Delivery / Loving this song / One Tree Hill S1 flashback.
Way better than Starbucks / Sunny skies / Catrice 'Blue Caro Ciao'.
Make It Or Break It / ELLE UK / Dip Dab = Love.
Nom nom nom / Going to London next month / Youtube catch up.

This is more like a month in photos.....oh well. I just love these kind of posts because
well I'm nosey like that haha.
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I Have a Lip Butter Addiction.

I bought another Lip Butter..... I personally think they're amazing. A little pricey at 11€ mind you but I'm willing to fork out. My local Revlon stand has finally gotten in a few of these. I was way too excited.
I picked up Lollipop which is a nice purply colour with tiny bits of shimmer.
Out of the three lip butters I have (review here) this one is by far the best
when it comes to strong pigmentation.
Unlike 'Sweet Tart' this is more along the outrageous side. It's very
vibrant and just a lovely colour. In typical lip butter style you do really
need to exfoliate your lips well before applying this. They really do highlight every bit of dry skin don't they haha? But the finish result is perfect.
I'm really liking this right now and I think the name 'Lollipop' is so cute.
I'm thinking of getting 'Peach Parfait' next. If any of you have done a review of that
I'd love if you left the link below. 


ASOS Purchases.

Ordered this lot last week after I trawling through the ASOS website. They have a pretty good sale on if you didn't know already. I got some gorgeous shorts for a tenner. The double cuff bracelets were 14€ and the rings were 10€. My order arrived Tuesday evening and I wore the rings yesterday and I don't recommend you buy them unless your okay with the gold colouring completely wearing off after one day of wear. I'm sure you could find better quality on Ebay, I was just eager to have these cause they looked like the ones Rosie was wearing on 'Made In Chelsea' the other night. I've never ordered with ASOS before and I have to say I was really impressed with how quick they deliver. I'm so inpatient waiting for online purchases haha.