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Little disappointed that the sun has disappeared.....considering I bought some summer clothes on Friday. I probably jinxed myself. Bringing a splash of colour back into my day with some nail polish. Catrice have the best polish. Dry's really quickly which is great because i'm one of those people who always smudges their nail polish before it dry's. Usually lasts me a few days too. Barely chips. I just peel it off when I get bored. The shade of this is '170| Scream Peach!' 
Any of you tried out these nail polishes? Whats your favourite shade?


Anonymous said...

Cute colour :)
It's gone cold where I live as well! grrr
<3 xxx

Holly said...

Can't say I've tried this brand before, think i'll have a look out as i'm awful at smudging them too!! love the colour.. xx

Charlotte said...

Lovely shade X

Laura Loves Makeup said...

Such a great brand and fun colour :) X

Stacy said...

I love that color.
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Boho Vanity said...

such a nice spring color, love it hun

Jordan xx
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Gee Gardner said...

Havent seen these anywhere but that shade is gorgeous! x