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Exquisite Curl..

Bought this little beauty off of Ebay for 3£, yes 3 flippin £!! Wanted it a while but couldn't bring myself to pay 16€ for a mascara so took to ebay and after some searching found a good seller that seemed legit. I love the packaging clean, simple and straight to the point. I was eager to try this purely for the curved wand and I wasn't disappointed. I find it gets right into those awkward little lashes and really opens up my eyes. There's a real nice curve and just enough 'volume' for me to achieve a lovely natural look. There's no clumps and it doesn't give  those awful 'spidery leg' lashes. I picked up the brown one and have really enjoyed using it. Any of you come across a good ebay bargain?


Benefit - High Beam & Posie Tint.

Everyone and their nan has these little treasures. Unfortunately, unlike everyone and their nan I so cannot afford the full size versions (20+€? no thanks). So last year when Glamour mag was giving them away free I made sure I picked up a few. I'm sure you've all read countless reviews on these products, I know I have. 'Posie Tint' is possible the best tint I've ever tried. It's just this lovely girly pink and I love to apply a dot or three to my cheeks to give a proper natural glow. Especially when I'm going for a more 'nautral look'. I do use a bit on my lips the odd time and it looks super nice. Its find it lasts a good 6 or so hours and doesn't rub off when I'm enjoying a good aul cuppa tea ;)
'High Beam' I don't use an awful lot unless I'm going on a night out. I never find myself really reaching for highlighter type products so I don't know how good this is compared to others on the market. But I enjoy using it. It hs a real nice consistency and blends in around my eyes nicely. I love how it's a real subtle pinky colour.
Any of you guys tried these or picked them up with Glamour?


Natural Collection - Pressed Powder.

This is my favourite thing in my make up bag. I use it every day without fail (right now I've hit the pan). I've repurchased this quite a lot and will be doing so again. It's probably the only thing in my make up routine which hasn't changed in the last year or two. It's very inexpensive and applies nicely over my foundation. I find that if there's the odd night I go out and I haven't worn this my skin looks very shiny in photos compared to other nights when I've applied it. A simple swish down your t-zone is enough to reduce shininess but I apply all over just to give my make up that 'finished' look and to help keep it in place. I'm not really into the whole dewy complexion and i love the nice matte finish this gives.
Have any of you guys given this a whirl?


Hair Inspiration.

(Pictures were taken from my 'Hair' Board on Pinterest.)
Messy hair with a bit of volume has been my go to style for the last month or two. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had my hair poker straight. My hair is currently thanking me for not straightening the shit out of it by looking way healthier than it has in years. I think messy/wavy hair is so simple to do yet looks amazing without all the effort of 'styling'. I'm currently deciding whether to dye my hair a lovely dark chestnut brown á la Shenae Grimes (2nd Picture) or add a few little blonde streaks and chop in some front layers to give it a bit of movement (4th picture). Pinterest is great for just plopping all my 'hair inspiration'. Waves and messy plaits are all I think about lately. 


Week In Photos 008.

Favourite Easter Chocolate / Got a tattoo / Delicious Easter Trifle.
Rocking my Litas / Some crazy hailstone showers lately / Pastel nails á la Sofia.
Tried out the Ojon hair repair from GB / Floral Dress / Sweets and Teen Vogue.
Ditching the DVD player for HDMI / Coca Cola addiction / Soundtrack to the week.
Still trying to figure out the best way to make these. Major thanks to Holly for this idea.
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A litte bit Sweet and Frutti.

Revlon Lip Butters are everywhere and by everywhere I mean every blog you go on. It's funny really because they are no where to be found in shops. The lip butters are basically glorified lip balms. They really hydrated my lips and the finish was incredibly glossy. I like the packaging, how each cover is the same as the lip butter. Makes it so much easier to find the shade you want unlike other lip products.
I picked up two shades. The first is 'Tutti Frutti'. This is the one I've been eyeing up online long before they were available here. I knew I had to have it. The colour is a really nice coral orange. I think as far as a lip balm goes it's pretty pigmented but not like a lipstick. It's enough to just add a hint of subtle colour to your lips. If you want to rock orange lips but aren't brave enough to rock something like Topshops 'Infrared' I'd recommend you try this.
The second one I picked up was 'Sweet Tart'. I decided on this because I thought it was a really nice bubblegum pink colour. This is that little bit more obvious on your lips than Tutti Frutti is. Which is probably why I find myself reaching for it that bit more. This picture is quite dark and really doesn't show it true to colour.
I'm really liking these right now. I love how they're like a lipstick but they're not. I'm a little disappointed that all the shades aren't available in the UK/Ireland as there's a few more I'd like to try. I have been looking at them on ebay but I doubt i'll have the patience to wait for them to arrive from America. My one thing with these? Make sure you've really exfoliated your lips before applying because they magnify any dry part of your lips. Definitely not a good look. The irish retail price is around 11€. Have any of you tried these Whats your favourite shade? Are they worth the hype?


Favourite Spring Perfumes.

(L-R Vera Wang - Lovestruck, Marc Jacobs - Daisy, Dior - Miss Dior Chérie, Jlo - Live Luxe.)
For spring I like a lot of fresh, fruity, musky scented perfumes. Lovestruck I've already done a post on here if you'd rather check that out. Daisy by Marc Jacobs I've had a while now. 2 years I think? It really lasts, like the amount in the bottle has barely gone down at all. The scent is what I would describe as floral? There are hints of jasmine (i can smell jasmine a mile away), and musk. But theres some hints of something else that I can't put my finger on. It's a fresh smell but still strong. I love this perfume so much that it's where I got the name for my dog....'Daisy'.  Miss Dior Chérie smells very like the majority of Soap and Glory products. So if you don't like S&G you probably won't like this very much. The scent is a lovely musky girly one with a hint of Jasmine. Everytime I wear it, it reminds me of the school trip we took to Italy. The Jlo perfume is incredibly fruity with hints of what I would describe as lemon and peach with a touch of spice.? Its very fun smelling and exotic. I just love the colourful bottle. These are my go to perfumes for spring. I have far too many perfumes so tend to switch around with each season. What perfumes are you loving right now?



Little disappointed that the sun has disappeared.....considering I bought some summer clothes on Friday. I probably jinxed myself. Bringing a splash of colour back into my day with some nail polish. Catrice have the best polish. Dry's really quickly which is great because i'm one of those people who always smudges their nail polish before it dry's. Usually lasts me a few days too. Barely chips. I just peel it off when I get bored. The shade of this is '170| Scream Peach!' 
Any of you tried out these nail polishes? Whats your favourite shade?


Some Topshop Make Up.

I thought I'd post about the few things I picked up in Topshop Friday. I know I've had like a billion lipstick posts in the last while but what can I say.....I have a problem.
I picked up 'Brighton Rock' and 'Nevada' from the lipsticks and then 'Neon Rose' from the blush as that was the only one they had and I really wanted to try one.
'Brighton Rock' and 'Nevada' are ones that I've seen floating around on blogs and being as easily influenced as I am, I just had to have them.
'Nevada' is what I would describe as very nude. Its almost like I've applied concealer to my lips? I'm really not sure if I like this yet. I'm very pale so this makes me look ill. But, I think if I was just that little bit more tan it would look perfect (definitely not why I spent 20mins putting tan on earlier) so I'm not ruling this out yet. 'Brighton Rock' is my new love. It may just replace 'Infrared' as my favorite Topshop lippy. The colour is incredible. Sort of a candy pink, its very sweet like, girly and vibrant. I've been wearing it all day and its just added that lovely splash of colour on an otherwise dull day. It doesn't last very long. I'd say about 3hours? But I think its pigmentation and finish make up for that. It's very creamy, which I'm actually starting to like. I'd definitely recommend you try it.
'Neon Rose' is such a pretty colour. It applies as a cream but turns into more of a powder blush on your skin. I'm really liking using this. I'm usually more drawn to peaches and light pinks so this is an interesting change for me. It's subtle on your cheeks, not too in your face. I apply with my fingers and blend in with a brush. 
(L-R Neon Rose, Nevada, Brighton Rock.)
Any recommendations from Topshop? What do you think of the packaging? I know a lot of people don't like it because it gets dirty quickly.....