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Urban Decay Lipsticks.

As a reader of many blogs I have come across barely any that have blogged about Urban Decay Lipsticks. Which is surprising as they have some really lovely vibrant colours and at 15€ they're not that expensive. I picked up the three of these a few months ago when I saw they were wrongly priced as 5€ each at a pharmacy I was in. Absolute bargain! Especially as when I went back a few day later to pick up some more the prices had gone back up.
I like the packaging. Its purple and has a typical urban Decay vibe from it. I do think the little swords on the ends are a cute detailing but they're a little bit of a nuisance when you're trying to store the lipsticks as you have to stand them up on the side where you can't see the shade sticker. They are slightly bulkier than say a Topshop or MAC lipstick but nothing too drastic.
My favourite of the three is 'Jilted' which is a vibrant magenta purple with blue undertones and a a hint of shimmer. I think its such a nice pop of colour for Spring/Summer. I'm wearing it in my FOTD from a few days ago. Really gives a simple look that extra bit of fun. 
'Revolution' and 'Tease' are the other shades I picked up. 'Revolution' is what I would describe to be a berry red. Its slightly more to the pink side than any of my other red lipsticks which I like because it feels more like a girly red. 'Tease' is a lovely pink colour which comes off slightly more nude than the lipstick looks.
I like these lipsticks. The pigmentation is great and they have a nice creamy soft matte finish. 
My only negatives would be they don't last very long. You would need to top up after 3-4hours and the smell. Maybe its just me, I'm not sure but they have this odd smell that I can't exactly put my finger on but I'm not too fond of it.
Have you tried any bright lipsticks lately?
Comment below with your recommendations.


Laura-xo said...

These look like lovely colours :)
I love the detail on them too.

Laura xoxo

Gee Gardner said...

Love these shades! Never tried Urban Decay lipsticks before! x

beautiful me plus you said...

great review!!I need that Tease lippy! NEED! x Marina

Curious Emily said...

I love UD but I've never tried any of their lipsticks...they all look like amazing colours though, really pigmented!

I'm always attracted to brights and have so many but I do actually NEED a nude one so I may go and check them out when Easter is here and I can buy beauty products again (hideous, hideous thing to give up for Lent).

Emily x

Unknown said...

what a bargain! i love all three of the shades! gorgeous

Jessica @ Jessssmitty said...

I love all 3 shades! I have to try these, Urban Decay is one of my favorite brands. :) Thanks for the review. :)
xo Smitty

Sarirah said...

Gash is the only Urban Decay lipstick I own but you're right they are lovely and after seeing your last FOTD I kinda want Jilted now. :) I do agree, they don't last that long and they have an odd smell/bitter taste. Apparently, it's supposed to be creme brulee but it's anything but dessert-esque to me. :p

Ellie Burns said...

i still need to buy something from urban decay- every-time i walk past their products in debenhams i just want everything! i love the revolution colour! so pretty! xx

Unknown said...

Ouh! "Revolution" is beautiful!

Joanna said...

Ooo all of them are such beautiful colors!

sleepandwater said...

I haven't ever tried Urban Decay lippies, but I'd be curious to, especially if I found them heavily discounted! My favourite is Tease, looks like a lovely pinkish nude :)

Anonymous said...

they look lovely
<3 :D

avthenas said...

I'm a lipstick addict :) Do you know the Revlon ones? I'm thinking about trying them. And you're welcome, I'm happy I could help you with embeding music :)

Boho Vanity said...

those look gorgeous! i would love to try them xx
my blog: boho vanity

Sandra said...

I like the colors. I just bought a lip stick that is like a marker, I like those :)

Aoife said...

Ooh pretty :) I have never even thought of buying UD lippies, I always just go for their shadows! Must have a look :)

Have a nice weekend :) x

Francesca | said...

Ooh, I haven't actually tried any of the UD lipsticks, I just always think of them more for eye make up than anything else, but I'm loving the look of Tease, will have to pick it up next time I'm at the UD counter :) xx