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The Ps Guide To Tweeting Your Way To More Blog Traffic.....

'The Ultimate Guide to Tweeting Your Way To More Blog Traffic'
is a nifty little guide that I found out about through Cityscape Bliss's blog here and I thought I
would share it with you guys so you could learn a few things from it like I have. 
I was intrigued by the guide as I'm a huge tweeter and I like to use it to get my blog out there. Especially Sunday nights with the '#bbloggers' chat.  But this guide showed me how to promote my blog more effectively. It gives amazing tips on how to use #hashtags to your advantage and where to go to find out how to use twitter lists. I did and now have a way greater understanding of lists than I did before. They confused me so I just never bothered with them. I loved the idea behind the guide but also that it was really fun to read and just the right amount of witty. The design is really cute too and the tips are short and straight to the point. There's 6 guides that will be available every week. 
Twitter is the first guide which you can download here 100% free.
Have any of you read this? If so what did you think of it?
I'm excited for the next one.


Catherine. said...

Great idea! Will definitely be downloading that :)

Jessica @ Jessssmitty said...

I loved this! Very informative! I'm excited for the next ones! :)
xo Smitty

Curious Emily said...

Ooh, I've never heard of these! Thanks for the tip-off, I'm downloading now. :)

Emily x

Rachael said...

Certainly off to give a couple of these a read - they sound interesting for sure x

Francesca | said...

Ooh I actually downloaded this myself and had only just finished reading when I saw your post on it! Such a helpful guide, and written in such a readable way, really user-friendly :) xx

Anonymous said...

I don't have twitter but will have a look anyway. Will you be putting all the guides on?
<3 :D

Anonymous said...

Will you be putting all the guides on your blog? I would download it if I had Twitter
<3 :D

Ellie Burns said...

i'm just downloading it- looks awesome! sounds really useful xx

Nicole said...

definitely going to be downloading these, sounds great!xx

Nicole said...

definitely going to be downloading these, sounds great!xx

Unknown said...

This is such a useful tool. I would love for more people to want to read my blog and just have been to shyto tweet about it as my friends don't even know I blog (it's not something they would be interested in!)

These guides have really helped me so thank you :)

my blog is if you would like to check it out?