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Natural Collection - Pink Cloud Blush.

'Pink Cloud' is a lovely light pink blush from Natural Collection. I adore the blush's from Natural Collection. They're very inexpensive with simple packaging and the one's I have tried all have a nice matte finish. I like how this isn't a shimmery blush but just a really nice dainty pink. It's very cute and gives me a nice natural look. No clown cheeks here. It isn't very pigmented but just enough to give you a nice sweep of colour. At 3€ you can't really go wrong. The little pot in this has fallen out, which I was a little surprised about as my 'Peach Melba' hasn't budged in the slightest. But its nothing a bit of glue won't fix.
Have any of you tried this, what did you think?


Clare Anne said...

The colour of this is gorgeous, may have to try it!


Gee Gardner said...

Love this colour! I literally bought this yesterday, such a lovely pink! x

Terri said...

I always use peach melba from this collection, so cheap and cheerful yet does the job well!

Rachael said...

My last blusher was a Natural Collection and you really can't go wrong with them!

Thedreamsofanizzyinabigwildworld:) said...

Ooh I really want to try this :) xx

Laura Loves Makeup said...

I really need to check out some of these €3 is brilliant for a nice blush X

avthenas said...

The colour is amazing indeed :)

Anonymous said...

ooo ive got this... i love it xo

pebbz |

BurningBlonde said...

I recently had picked up Peach Melba from Natural Collection and it's so nice on the cheeks. Might try this one, I must try out this one. As the price is amazing. x

Unknown said...

I love Natural Collection - I have one of their blushes in 'Rosey Glow' and it's great because it's quite dark so acts kind of like a contour powder but at the same time makes me look alive! Haha :D
And, of course, the prices are amazing!
~Hannah xx

P.S. I don't want to sound really rude and you may already know but you know that "I am called ..." in French it's "Je m'appelle ..."? Sorry, I don't want to sound really rude because I don't know whether you've done it on purpose or anything! x

Unknown said...
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