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Review : Bourjois Little Round Pots Eyeshadow.

(Bourjois Little Round Pots Eyeshadow - €8/€9)

Picked this up for New Years Eve because I loved how glittery it was and well glitter is kind of essential on New Years doncha think? I'm a huge fan of how Bourjois package their products. I think they're very cute and sleek at the same time. When you open up the eyeshadow pot you'll find a compact mirror and a tiny note from Bourjois describing how 

'for 150 years Bourjois' baked Technology has enabled us to offer women an eyeshadown with luminous colour  and a silky texture that instantly blends into the skin'. 

The shadow itself is a shimmery grey with tiny specks of glitter for that added sparkle effect. I definitely agree that it blends well into the skin but personally I found that on a dry brush the shadow didn't show up much on my eyelid, so i flipped it round to the back and found that they suggest 'for a more vivid effect, use a slightly wet brush' which I did and it looked amazing. I then felt quite stupid cause the little note inside had told me this too and I didn't notice. There was 0 fallout when i placed it on my eyelid which was great cause some eyeshadows i own just go all over the place regardless of how little I use. 
In terms of value for money, i think this eyeshadow is worth the 8-9€ you pay for it. 
Compared to other drugstore eyeshadows i own, this is probably my favourite.
(9/10 cause wetting the brush requires that extra bit of effort sometimes.)

Have any of you tried this?
If so leave a comment below.


Eva said...

I already tweeted to you about this post but I'll write it here anyway. Nice review, and I completely agree with you on this topic. Bought them yesterday, and yes, if I have to choose from drugstore eyeshadows they are probably the best. From drugstore brands, I have always liked Maybelline eyeshadows too - what do you think about those?

Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

Ooo looks pretty! :)


Katia said...

I bought a blush by them and I really really love it! I have to buy more of their products.. (even if I hardly wear makeup)

Lipstick said...

Great colour xx
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