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Myleene Klass Nails.

I was so excited to try these out. I've seen a lot of people rave about nail wraps lately and thought I need to try them for myself. I picked up these leopard print ones from 'Myleene Klass Nails' at the weekend and tried them out this morning. You get 24 nails stickers per pack and a nail file. Personally I'd recommend using your own nail fail as the one included wasn't great. This is my first time trying nail wraps as you can probably tell from my incredibly awful application above but my right hand looked far me. I really liked these. I thought the stickers were really glossy and filed off easily and they stayed put for ages. Unfortunately a bit like false nails they drove me crazy so I've pulled them all off. )': Going to plop them on during the week and give them another go as I love them too much to let them go to waste.


Week In Photos 005.

(1. Having no life and watching Twilight. 2. Some french style hangers for my necklaces. 3. Sorted) 
(my DVDs onto a new shelf. 4. Straightening my hair just to wave it. 5. Drinking Vitamin)
(water. 6. Houdini by Foster The People.)


Review : Pantene Pro-V.

(Awful lighting today, sorry.)
After my post on 'Fat Hair' shampoo and conditioner, I was on the look out for something that would help rehydrate me hair. In the comments someone recommended trying Pantene's new spa range but I couldn't see that in my Tesco so went for the new Pantene 'Aqualight'. I've always loved Pantene hair products and was sure I would love this too. Which I do. I've actually used up all of this bottle and been to buy a new one yesterday. This says a lot as I rarely repurchase the same shampoo. That's just how great this is.
If I listed everything I like about this I would just bore you to death so I'll make this short...
The scent is what I would describe as fruity? But not in your face. Just the right amount. I thought this was great because although I like my shampoo to be scented, sometimes it can be sickening. I can honestly say my hair has never been as silky and smooth as it has been for using this shampoo. As you'd know from my fat hair post my hair completely dried out. It was devastating really. But this really brought it back to life. Its just so nourishing. 
If you're somebody who is prone to dry hair I'd 100% recommend you go out and buy this. You won't be disappointed.


NOTD : Gold.

After reading Chars post here about this nail polish I was determined to get my hands on it. It sounded so cool. As out of the loop as it may seem I actually hadn't heard of a 'foil' effect nail polish before. So when I was up North today I found a 'Barry M' stand and went straight for this. It was £3.99 and also my first nail polish from 'Barry M' newbie haha. First things first I just love the effect it gives. As Char said in her post "It gives such a nice finish to the nails almost as if you had just dipped your nails into liquid gold." Which it really does. I just keep staring at them completely entranced by the shine off them (bit like a magpie) and it dries so quickly, literally in less than a minute my nails were dry. I was actually a little shocked... My only fault with this? How easy it chips, its like it is actually made of foil and has no resistance to anything, especially water. Slightly devastated with that but nothing a clear top coat shouldn't fix right? 
Have any of you tried this before? If not go out and buy it, you will be as mesmerised as I am right now (':


Like a skyscraper.....

Been neglecting my blog lately. Haven't felt inspired to write about anything. But I have some ideas lined up for the next few days so keep your eyes open for those. ;) 
I popped into Primark (Penneys as we call it here in Ireland) and picked up the above. Is it just me or are the sizes in there really 'off' these days? An 8 is so not an 8, more like a 4 or maybe thats just me. Let me know below if your local one is the same.?
I don't know if any of you are 'Lovatics' *ahem* Demi Lovato fans *ahem* but I just seen the trailer for her new MTV Special and I am so excited. I love her far too much for words. Seriously March 6th cannot come quick enough or March 23rd.....Hunger Games anybody?...Going North on Saturday can't wait to hit superdrug. Get some Sleek eye palettes and Barry M nail polish...


Review : Bio Oil.

Been using Bio Oil a lot lately to help with my bad skin. I'm not very fussy about a skin care routine which is probably why my skin is so tragic lately but anyway. I used to use a prescribed roll on to help with my skin but the one i used is no longer available so I switched to Bio Oil in September. It says to apply twice a day for three months which honestly? I don't do. I plop it on at night because of how oily it is and wake up in the morning with the redness of my spots gone down. I don't recommend applying it in the morning unless you're not going anywhere because of how shiny it leaves your face. I really think it works wonders. I bought this 60ml bottle in September for 11€ from Boots and as you can see only the tiniest amount has gone. I apply to my chin and then dab it onto the 'spot scars' on my forehead. I also apply it to a burn mark I got on my arm a few weeks ago and it's really helped fade them all. I find that it really re-hydrates my skin too which is great. I think if you have bad skin and are short for time at night (too lazy to do a 15mins skincare routine that is) then you'll love this as it really has improved my 'spot scars'. It does have a slight scent which i can't put my finger on but it isn't over whelming.
Have any of you tried this? If so what did you think?
(Ps. I had no internet all week, hence the lack of posts.)


Dupe : Topshop Infrared?

(L-R Catrice 'Oh Juicy!', Topshop 'Infrared').

I've had my eye on Topshops 'Infrared' for a while, so much so that when I couldn't get my hands on it quick enough I popped into town to find something that would do until I got it. I bought Catrices 'Oh Juicy!' as it looked pretty similar to 'Infrared', just as orange and in your face. So you can imagine my shock when I put on 'Infrared' the other  day and it was so close to 'Oh Juicy!' if even an exact match.
'Infrared' is probably one of the most popular shades in the Topshop lipstick range (I see it everywhere) and considering Topshop don't seem to stock make up in ALL(!!!!) their stores I thought I'd share this so that those of you who are lusting after 'Infrared' can get your hands on a lipstick that's the exact same. I can't remember the exact price of the Catrice lipstick but it was no more than 5€ and considering Topshop retail their lipsticks here for 12€ its an absolute bargain because it really is an exact dupe.


Review : Natural Collection Blush.

Natural Collection is one of my favourite 'drugstore' brands of make up. I find for such a cheap price you get incredible products. I had my eye on Peach Melba for a while and finally caved a few weeks ago and picked it up. I love peachy and coral blush colours so I was sure I was going to love this. The blush itself has a matte finish that I love as I'm not too fond of shimmery colours. It applies well onto my skin for a subtle glow and lasts all day and there is no obnoxious scent. I know a lot of people don't like the packaging of Natural Collection but personally I really do. I think it's cute and simple and I like the twisty lid. If you're looking for a nice cheap blusher for around 3€ I'd definitely recommend this one.
Let me know if you have tried this in the comments.



(MAC - Speed Dial & Topshop - Infrared)
(Topshop Kohl Liner - Black)
(Topshop Ring)
(Lush - Phoenix Rising).
Went to Dublin yesterday shopping with my brother. Something we do every once in a while. It also means I can buy everything I've had my eye on for absolutely ages. Lush's shipping prices to Ireland are ridiculous! It literally works out cheaper for me to hop on a train and actually go to the shop. I decided I'd pick up something I've never tried before so I got 'Magic Mushroom' and 'Phoenix Rising'. They both smell absolutely delish and I cannot wait to try them. My nearest Topshop and the Topshop I hit when I'm up the north don't stock any of the makeup range!! It kills me. I needed a new liner and wanted a lipstick so I picked up these. Please, Topshop people? Put makeup stands in ALL your stores? thanks. The MAC lipstick is my first and definitely not my last from MAC. It's a really nice pinky colour, so cute. Have any of you been to the MAC section in Brown Thomas? It is pandemonium. Definitely won't be buying from there anymore, will stick to the counter in Dundrum.


Week In Photos 004.

(1. Listened to Lana Del Ray 2. Donated blood for the first time. 3. Sorted my bookcase. )
(4. Took photos of Daisy. 5. Continued counting down the days till 'The Hunger Games')
( 6. Finished off my 'Gossip Girl' marathon.)


Review : Topshop Lipstick - Pillow Talk.

(Topshop Limited Edition Lipstick in Pillow Talk -  €10)

I bought this a while ago after seeing it in Zoellas video. As you can see the packaging is different to the usual white and spotty packaging you find in Topshop as it's limited edition. I'm not sure if you can still get this but I imagine with an ebay search or four you might find it...
This is my go to lipstick for everything, going on a night out, daily wear, lounging around the house... i just love it. It's a very cutesy baby pink and some people have compared it to MACs 'Creme Cup'? I'm not familiar with many MAC lipsticks so I didn't make this connection myself. When I applied the lipstick to my lips I found it to be very glossy, creamy and nourishing. Everything I look for in a lipstick as during the winter months I find my lips get very dry and this was perfect. I'm also quite pale and I found that this lipstick really complimented my skin tone.
It's definitely worth the 9£/10€ you pay for it and I really wish it wasn't limited edition cause I see myself running out of it soon..and it's just so girly.

What about you guys? Have any of you tried this? and what are your favourite shades from the Topshop Lipstick range?...


Review : Bourjois Little Round Pots Eyeshadow.

(Bourjois Little Round Pots Eyeshadow - €8/€9)

Picked this up for New Years Eve because I loved how glittery it was and well glitter is kind of essential on New Years doncha think? I'm a huge fan of how Bourjois package their products. I think they're very cute and sleek at the same time. When you open up the eyeshadow pot you'll find a compact mirror and a tiny note from Bourjois describing how 

'for 150 years Bourjois' baked Technology has enabled us to offer women an eyeshadown with luminous colour  and a silky texture that instantly blends into the skin'. 

The shadow itself is a shimmery grey with tiny specks of glitter for that added sparkle effect. I definitely agree that it blends well into the skin but personally I found that on a dry brush the shadow didn't show up much on my eyelid, so i flipped it round to the back and found that they suggest 'for a more vivid effect, use a slightly wet brush' which I did and it looked amazing. I then felt quite stupid cause the little note inside had told me this too and I didn't notice. There was 0 fallout when i placed it on my eyelid which was great cause some eyeshadows i own just go all over the place regardless of how little I use. 
In terms of value for money, i think this eyeshadow is worth the 8-9€ you pay for it. 
Compared to other drugstore eyeshadows i own, this is probably my favourite.
(9/10 cause wetting the brush requires that extra bit of effort sometimes.)

Have any of you tried this?
If so leave a comment below.


Week In Photos 003.

1. Painted nails. 2. Tearing apart Elle & Vogue to decorate my wall. 3. Pastel Colours.
4. Chung. 5. Revisiting Gossip Girl Season One. 6. Rocking out to Demi.


Slight Haulage.

(Elle UK and Teen Vogue)

(Soap and Glory Mascara free with this months Elle UK)

(Purse from Penneys/Primark 5€)

Went into town today to try and find something for my friends birthday tomorrow (hello you're reading this) and she is impossible to buy for. I eventually managed to get some things which I hope she likes.  Whilst I was in town and being the total impulse shopper that I am (i have a problem, currently browsing asos.) I picked up a few things and by few I mean like two. Finally got my hands on Teen Vogue after sending my mum in and she couldn't find it. Elle UK, I was so excited to see the free mascara this month as my Boots doesn't have any of the new Soap and glory make up range, heartbroken? me? never.... I got the purse when i was in penneys/primark and if you read my last post you'll know i love pastel colours so this was an instant buy..