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S/S = Pastel Nail Colours.

(L-R Rimmel Misty Jade, Catrice 520 Apricot, Elf Lilac, )
(Catrice 170 Peach, Elf Mint Cream, )
(Topshop Play for Keeps.)
The only thing I like about S/S is pastel nail colours. Pinks, lilacs, peach, mint. I die for Collection 2000's 'Button Moon'. It's a gorgeous pastel mint blue and would be pictured here for only i've ran out
Do any of you have any pastel nail colours you would recommend trying out?


Benefit - PowdaWowza.

(Benefit - Powda Wowza 19.68€)
I bought this last weekend when I was in Dublin and wandering through Brown Thomas. I originally went in to check out some Mac foundations and then I found this with 10€ off the original price. Absolute bargain in my eyes considering I've been lusting after it for a good while now. Its also limited edition so once its gone I'd probably have to wait ages to get it again. It includes three popular Benefit shades 'Coralista', ' Hoola' and 'Bella Bamba' and a tatty little brush. I love all these shades and I doubt i'd spend 25€ or so for the full size. So this is the perfect solution. I also die for Benefit's packaging. It's so cute.
Have any of you tried this before? or have you tried the full size version of any of the shades?
Let me know in the comments.x


Concert : Christina Perri.

Just some photos of the 150+ from Christina Perri last night. Not the best photos mind you, the lighting was awful as far as picture taking goes. Which was odd as my camera is usually great for concerts but none the less..... If you guys EVER get a chance to go see her live, do! You will not be disappointed. It was so refreshing to go to a concert where its just the musician. No silly staging and actual live singing. Before the concert we were at the stage door when she arrived. Although she said (in her cute american accent) that she would come back down after soundcheck, she never did )': but i still spoke to her so that still kinda counts. We met the support act marcus and got some photos with him and her band (her drummer is class) which my friend has yet to upload on facebook. I can't get over how great the concert was. She had the audience in the palm of her hands and hello being right up at the front row (fan girl moment when she smiled at me) ;) My favourite song of hers is 'Arms', i heard it before the whole 'Jar of Hearts' fandom began and i thought she wasn't going to sing it but she the end, very last song. Her tattoo's look class in person too. 
Makes me revisit wanting a tattoo....


Week In Photos 002.

  1. Looking to buy a new puppy (': 2. This months shrunken Company magazine. 3. Making oreo brownies. 4. Vera Wang Lovestruck. 5. Boohoo heels. 6. Mars & Bounty Celebrations......

Haven't posted in a couple days. Been trying to get up a DIY style post but its not entirely finished yet...January is going so fast. Going to see Christina Perri on Sunday. Can't wait..
hope you've all been well and thank you so much for following (': I reached 100 followers recently which is amazing (:


Tag : How Much Does Your Face Cost?

I was tagged by the lovely Zara to do this post and normally I don't really do tags but I really liked the sound of this one. The idea is you gather up the make up you wear everyday (foundation, mascara, etc) and add up the total price and see 'how much your face costs?' lovely. I didn't expect my face to cost a whole lot because I love drugstore make up. If I have the money then I'll pay for a higher end product but in reality i'm as happy with a 10€ foundation as i am a 40€ mac one. Some of the prices are a little rough as well I don't carry a price list around with me...

Foundation - Mac Studio Sculpt in NW15 35€.

Concealer - I use two. Benefit Erase Paste 27€ & Elf Tone and Correct 1.70€.

Blush - Gosh 14€.

Powder - Natural Collection 2€.

Eyes - Urban Decay Naked Palette & Primer 35€, Essence Gel Eyeliner 3.49€, Rimmel Extra Super Lash 7€ & Elf waterproof liner 1.70€.

Lips - Topshop Lipstick in Pillow Talk 10€ i think, Nivea lip balm 2€.

Total is 124.89€. I'm shocked. I tag any of you reading this. x


Review : Simple Kind to Eyes Soothing Balm.

Simple's "Kind To Eyes Soothing Balm" is my favorite eye cream. I love it. I have used it almost every morning and night since i bought it back in October. I say 'almost' because come on who genuinely remembers to apply creams, moisturisers etc all the time? At the time it was part of Boots '3 for 2' offer and it cost something like 4€ for a 15ml tube which is great considering how long it has lasted me.

Simple describes the product as so :

Our Kind To Eyes Soothing Eye Balm is a perfect blend of ingredients to help reduce 
puffiness and relax tired eyes. Perfect for even sensitive skin.

and they have it down to a 't'. When I was at college I slept very bad and developed really awful dark under eye circles. Worse than I already had and thats why I bought this to help improve the 'imperfection' as i didn't want to pile on concealer. After a few days the affects of this eye balm were obvious. The circles under my eyes weren't as dark and bruised like as they had been and the puffiness that comes with sleepless nights had really faded. I was beyond happy. The simple website describes this as having 'no perfumed' smell which I really like cause some products can have really horrible smells (lavender for example) saying that there is a slight, mini, barely noticeable smell that i would describe as being quite 'medicinal'? But i like it so no problems. 

This is what the cream looks like and you don't need as much as that for putting under your eyes just a tiny, tiny blob, i just squeezed an extra bit out for the purpose of this photo.
If you couldn't tell from this review, I love this. Everything about it. I recommend it to everyone who complains of dark under eyes and I really think you should try this if you're experiencing the same problems I had. For 4€ you can't go wrong.


Review : Essence Gel EyeLiner.

I bought this a couple of weeks ago after i saw that the majority of beauty gurus use a gel eyeliner and I really couldn't be bothered forking out 12+€ for one. So when I saw this in my local pharmacy I jumped at it. It was 3.49€ which is an absolute bargain considering how much you get in the little jar (think of erase paste by benefit, you get a bit more than that and erase paste is 27€). I love this liner. I find pencil liner really awkward to use, especially on my water line and this is perfect. It lasts me all day and for a night out it's brilliant too. Literally takes me ages to rub because of how well it sticks and it has yet to smudge on me.. A+. You also only need to use a tiny bit on the edge of the brush and you get enough to create a strong line above your eye. The black colour is great too it comes out so well, unlike other liners where i find them to give a grey tinge off them which isn't great when you're trying to create a smokey eye effect.

You can also get a brush for the liner too. It's sold separately but i really like it. It has a thin line of bristles that make it so easy to get right into your lash line and the length of the brush makes it easy to handle. It was only 1.50€ as far as i can remember but it was definitely no more than 2€...
If you're like me and don't see the point in paying outrageous prices for a bit of gel liner then you'll love this. The price, the formula and how long it lasts. Brilliant.


Christmas Haul.

(*insert the im not bragging speech here*).
Everyone else was posting theirs so I figured why not.
I was so fortunate to receive as much as I did this year. I literally only asked for the Elf order and shoes from boohoo. But I woke up to all this. I was so happy. Ecstatic really. Tells me that when I'm going on and on about such an item all year that my mother is in fact listening (vera wang perfume, i never shut up about it).
I also dropped when I opened a gift and saw the Kindle. I've wanted one since I read a review on how easy they are to read off and I figured since i do be up and down on trains so much they'd be handier than a tonne of books. It'll come in handy when I get bored on trips to and from college when i start next year and my Easons never has the books i want so now i can just snap em off amazon. (':

I made my way through 'The Hunger Games' last week and I'm nearly finished the second book now. They're so addictive, i literally can't put it down. So excited for the movie.
Just realised all the dates on these photos are wrong.....awkward.
ps. happy new year you guys x