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Bling in the New Year.

(Revlon - Facets of Fuchsia)
It's New Years Eve tomorrow and for the first time in ages I'll be ringing in the new year at home with the fam instead of going out with friends. But you know, that doesn't mean my nails can't be all glittery and new yearsish. I picked this up some time last year and haven't really used it since then. But throughout the holidays I haven't stopped reapplying, I'm a little obsessed to say the least. It's such a bold shade and I've never been a fan of bright in your face sickeningly girly glitter nail polishes, I find them a little irritating. The black undertones against the purple glitter looks so pretty especially when the light hits off them. I'm also surprised by how quick this drys, I expected it to take a lot longer but it's actually pretty quick. Which is always good in my books. I've seen a lot of people compare this to Deborah Lippmanns ' Bad Romance' and saying it's a pretty good dupe. I haven't tried it myself but they do look pretty similar. So whilst you're all out ringing in the new year, I'll be sat here reading blogs and imagining my nails as tiny little disco balls and listening to Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Happy New Years guys.


Happy Christmas.

Just came on to write a quick post to wish all you guys who read my blog a very Happy Christmas. The day is almost over and I hope all your Christmases have been as amazing as mine has. I should point out that, no, it hasn't snowed here, this is an old picture from two years ago I had on my laptop. I wish it was snowing though, that would make the day all the more perfect. Might pop up a mini haul or something tomorrow, I know I love hauls and seeing what you all received, so if you happen to post one, pop a link below (:
Merry Christmas.x


Instagram 010.

 1. Primark studded ankle boots. 2. Todays OOTD. 3. Daisy being all cosy.
4. Wearing her little jumper. 5. Starting a new book. 6. Finally put the tree up.
7. Hot chocolate nom. 8. Birthday presents. 9 Dinner w/Bex.
In the run up to Christmas I've been instagramming like mad. Mainly pictures of Daisy being all cute when she comes back from the groomers mind you ;) We finally put our Christmas tree up the other week, I couldn't wait. I'm now sat in my own little version of the north pole, stockings, lights, glitter and presents under the tree. Definitely the most wonderful time of the year..... I'm regretting doing all my Christmas shopping so early, I've no excuse to make a trip to Dublin and wander around like a headless chicken trying to find bits and bobs for everyone. No sneaky trips into 'Lush' to pick up some of the Christmas stock.  First year with no 'Snow Fairy', doesn't feel right. I'm sure you all have picked up a ridiculous amount to keep you going till next year..... There's always the online store. I'm nearly on Christmas holidays. on exam down, two to go. Can't wait to get them done and sit around stuffing my face with mince pies and cream and a ridiculous number of Christmas movies. I've written 'christmas' so many times in this post that I think it's starting to loose all meaning.
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Benefit "That Gal".

I've never been one to use a primer, its usually a step in my make up routine that I will happily skip due to laziness. I rarely use my Urban Decay primer potion so I was doubtful that I would even give this ago. I only started using this recently because in the tutorials I watch on youtube everyone is using some sort of primer, so I figured there must be a reason and yes, yes there is. I have now used this everyday without fail for the last month or so. Since i've started using it I've noticed my foundation stays in place a lot longer than it usually would. My complexion also looks a lot healthier and has a lovely glow. Something which I've been trying to achieve for a while. I've varied my use to make sure I'm not imagining the benefits, but I've been pleasantly surprised. Before, my skin just looked dull and in need of a little something. I use the tiniest bit and being a sample size, it really has gone a long way, it's barely budged which I'm thankful for as I'm not ready to buy a full size just yet. I've been using this combined with 'Porefessional' (review at some stage) and I love the two together even more. The only thing I found off putting was the smell. Artificial strawberry isn't my favourite scent. Especially on my face, thankfully it doesn't linger. Have any of you tried this?
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Christmas Wishlist.

Is it too soon to blog a 'Christmas Wishlist'? It is five weeks or so till Christmas and I have already cracked out Michael Bublé's Christmas album along with having my first mince pie of the festive season. Christmas is my favourite time of the year and I'm already loving all the new ads. The 'Spar' one is too cute along with the one for 'Three Ireland' here. I'm dying to put the tree up but even I can tell its too soon for that. I've had my eye on a few of these things for a while now and would love to find even one of them under my tree. I'm absolutely loving the 'Sugar Crush' line from 'Soap and Glory' the smell is incredible. MY friend describes the buttercream as a lemon and lime cheesecake.....almost good enough to eat if you ask me. I'm so excited that 'Girls Aloud' are going on tour again and would love to get my mitts on a ticket. I've seen them live before (three times) and they put on a really great show. A lot of dancing and the production team really go all out. Whats on your christmas wishlist this year? Why not leave a comment below, I'd love to see.
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Collection 2000 Cream Puff Lip Cream.

(Cream Puff Lip Cream 2.99£ - Cotton Candy 1)
This is my favourite lip product right now. I wear it everyday without fail. The shade and how it applies are just so perfect that I can't get enough. The shade is a lovely cute pink that looks incredibly natural and I really think it enhances the natural colour of my lips as they're quite similar. The wand is like your typical lipgloss but it applies nothing like a gloss. The finish is a lovely matte but because its so creamy and moisturising it really keeps your lips nourished, which is perfect during the winter months. I find it lasts really well through out the day and needs very little touching up. I should also mention the smell. This smells divine. Like I want to eat it divine. It was the main reason I purchased it. It smells like a sweet caramel coffee or something along those lines. Delicious. I actually stood in Boots smelling the tester and decided I needed it. Unfortunately I've just ran out of mine and I'll definitely be repurchasing as soon as I have money to raid Boots. 
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Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover.

(Bourjois Nail Polish Remover - 6€ I think it was on offer.
When it comes to removing nail polish, a certain amount of er....effort is required. So much so that I'll usually just scratch it all off when I'm really bored or let it chip away until my nails look anything other than fabulous.. I was really excited when I first read about this and then a gazillion times after on every other beauty blog because it just seemed so effortless. I am after all ridiculously lazy when it comes to nail care. Pop your nail in and voilá your nail polish has disappeared within this little bottle. It says '1 Second Per Nail' but lets all be realistic here, 1 second is a little ambitious Bourjois. I would say depending on how stubborn that last bit of polish is, it would be about a 4/5second removal or 2 twists which is usually how it goes for me. I adore the smell. Unlike other removers it doesn't have this overly in your face poisonous scent. I find its quite sweet (the bottle says vanilla) and doesn't really linger around on your fingers contaminating everything you touch afterwords. What wins me over is just how simple it is. Pop your finger in and it vanishes and no cotton wool -cotton wool gives me the shivers urghhh- and it isn't overly harsh on your nails. I put this down to the almond oil. Frankly I think all of you should go out and pick this up. It trumps any other nail polish remover I've used and its pink.


Pink Swoon.

MAC 'Pink Swoon' is my first blush from MAC and I absolutely adore it. However I'm really disappointed that I couldn't get it to photograph true enough to colour. 'Pink Swoon' is a gorgeous pale pink and looks so pretty against pale skin. It's a matte blush and I love how perfect it is for A/W. It's perfect for creating a lovely rosy cheek look that's so perfect coming into the winter months. I think if you're a pale girl like me, you really need to have this in your collection. It complements my skin tone so well and I bet a lot of you would really like this. If you're a lot more tan this would be incredibly subtle on your skin and you may need to build it up quite a bit as it is so light. I'd always read such great things about MAC's blushes but could never bring myself to splurge 20+€. But I did and I can't wait to get my hands on a few more. I can see why they're so hyped and they're definitely worth the splurge.



(Friend ( left), Me (right).
Guys, guys, guys.....long time no blog ay? Who would have thought going to college (uni for you UK peeps) would take up so much of my time. The funny thing is that even though I have been pretty busy I can still make time for my tumblr yet trying to keep my blog updated is becoming a little struggle. I no longer have my *oh so fancy* blogging camera as I've given it to my brother for his college course. Photography assignment's kind of trumps taking photos of frivolous beauty items apparently. But moving on wards. College is incredible. I'm really enjoying my course which is a great relief because if you've been following me since last year well you'll know how awful that went. It's not been without it's stresses but thats just part and partial of starting first year and moving away (again). It's not an overly challenging course and I'm not out partying non-stop like your typical first year. Give me a cup of tea, Home and Away and my kindle and i'm set for the night. I've also taken up kick boxing which was fun. I'm excited to learn more eh moves?
I don't consider blogging as a 'chore', just something I do in my free time that I quite enjoy doing yano? So I'll update when ever I can and if I can so I suppose you'll just have to stick with me until I get into a new 'blogging routine'.....Hopefully I get my camera back soon,
I'm completely lost without it
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Sleek Au Naturel Palette.

I'm  not a huge eyeshadow wearer, which is I why rarely ever fork out for some. I did however purchase the naked palette last year (now that was forking out) and fell completely and utterly in love with the neutrally brown shades. When I was in Superdrug in London (yes another one of my many London purchases) I picked up this sleek 'Au Naturel Palette' as it had so many subtle shades I knew I'd love it.
I've gotten quite a lot of use from the palette and I like how even though all the shades are quite muted there is a bit of variation in shades compared to the 'Naked Palette'. I find the naked palette consists of a lot more brown based shadows where as this one from sleek has a few peaches, pinks and nudes tossed in with more dramatic shades such as 'Noir' and ' Mineral Earth'.
Because of the many shades in this palette I find I can create a lot more looks. There's shades like 'Honeycomb' and 'Taupe' that I love to pair together for the perfect daytime look and 'Conker' which can take you from day to night. There's just so many mixes as all the shades go so well together. I find the eyeshadow is very long lasting with the shimmery shades such as 'Moss' and 'Mineral Earth' being highly pigmented. I was a little disappointed with how unpigmented the lighter matte shades such as 'Nougat' were but I suppose being a high street eye palette this is to be expected. There's minimal fallout from the shades and they blend nicely together. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to the naked palette I would recommend this considering it's a fraction of the price but there are very little similarities. I wouldn't say its an exact dupe per se. But for less than a tenner you can't really complain.


florals for spring? groundbreaking - make that winter.

ohh floral prints how i love thee so. when Kirsten Dunst stepped out at the premiere of 'Bachelorette' in this Stella Mc Cartney floral two piece, i died. i've never paid much attention to anything that Kirsten has worn before but this two piece is just so pretty that it really caught my eye and the yellow suede chloe pumps?! give me the whole ensemble now please?.. unfortunately Stella Mc Cartney is a little out of my errr price range so it was like faith when Demi Lovato stepped out in a way cheaper 'Topshop' version a few days later. I can't decide which i want more, the jacket or the shorts? the print is a little too 'busy' for me to try and wear the entire thing together. but i'm in love. i'm thinking the jacket styled pretty much like Demi but trade the shorts for some black skinny jeans. if i can find the jacket that is...130$ is a reasonable amount right?? Thought i'd throw in this picture of Olivia Palermo in a Zara floral shirt dress to show how cute a floral print looks on black. not as summery as Demi and Kirsten but probably more in my comfort zone and a little more wintery. i think Olivia's dress would be a little more timeless than the other two options as its less trendy and more of a statement piece... but thats just my opinion. if you google Olivia Palermo you'll see she's actually quite a fan of floral dresses from Zara, i remember lusting over the one she wore a couple months ago. no surprise that it was sold out for ages. Penneys/Primark have a lot of floral things in store at the moment. Got a crazy pair of floral print peg leg trousers a few weeks ago for real cheap, very like the H&M ones everyone is wearing. Make sure you give them a look, who knows, they might start ripping off the Topshop jacket Demi wore last week.....fingers crossed?


DIY - Cut Out Skull Top.

When I seen this top on Brandy Melville I instantly wanted it, what I didn't want was to wait like 3 years for it to arrive in the post and i kind of didnt want to pay 18$ for a top that really i could make myself for half the price..then i took to youtube and watched countless videos. turns out its pretty easy to chop the back of your shirt into a skull face in less than 15mins. yay. I picked up a simple black tee in Penneys/Primark for a euro and got to work this morning.
I started out by trying the shirt on and working out where i wanted to place the eyes. the eyes are the main feature of this shirt and i wanted to make sure i got them exactly where i wanted them. once i had that figured out i started to sketch out the eyes, nose and teeth with a sharpie. my teeth didn't come out as big as i'd have liked so i drew over them again just before i started cutting.
the cutting out is pretty self explanitory. i would recommend using a smaller scissors than i did as it would work far easier. the cutting blade was just to get right into the edges, you don't really need to use that if you dont want too. the little strips down the middle of the eyes and nose add that extra bit of depth and look better if they're not cut too thick. the teeth came out a bit wonky but sure, it adds to the distressed look and looks alright when on. (:
and the finished prodcut. I think it came out really cool and can't wait to pair it with my american apparel high waisted trousers. when you look at the front of the top it looks so plain, but when you turn around its like 'woah' haha. when picking out your shirt go a few sizes up, i went up 5 sizes and got an 18 just to add that extra slouchiness. looks messier. i've seen these tops on a lot of style blogs and i've seen a few that have different cut outs on the back, hearts, triangles etc etc. definitely going to try a few more styles (: have any of you tried this?     


17 Blow Out Mascara.

I love buying new mascara, its my favourite thing *cough* blog name *cough*. I especially love when I come across a mascara that is just perfect. I really like this because of the wand and how easy it applies. The packaging is pretty cool too. when it comes to mascara this is what i try to avoid. i actually see a lot of people who will happily apply their mascara like that and for me its a complete no. the purpose of mascara is to make your eyes stand out more, for good reasons, not spider leg reasons.
I like this mascara because it doesn't apply clumpy. i like my lashes to look full but natural at the same time and i think the wand really helps achieve this. as you can see each end is smaller than the inside and it really aids in catching those infuriatingly small lashes at the corners of my eyes. the plumpier bit in the middle helps build up the volume and gives me nice long, natural looking lashes with that oomph of extra volume.
personally, as long as a mascara isn't clumpy it gets a 10/10 for me.


Safari Nail Art.

Okay so its not the best nail art you'll ever seen on a blog but I think for a first attempt its pretty damn good....right? I followed the tutorial on Sophies blog here and thought her step by step guide was pretty good. Clearly Sophie is far better at these cool nail arts than I am ;) I'm actually going to try all of the ones in her 'nail art' tag if you're interested in seeing what I do next.. I think how she lays out the post is very helpful and I'm excited to try more. I didn't use the same polish as Sophie, I used Essie - Mint Candy Apple, Essie - Cute as a button and Barry M - Berry 138. I also used just a random nail art pen that I won in a giveaway, review to come soon. I like the look, I think its pretty cool and adds an interesting effect to my nails. A bit rawrrrr.



(Shirt - Awear, Jeans & Bracelet - Topshop.)
I thought Id share an 'OOTD' with you lot. My 'style' is nothing amazing, very simple, plain, me. You'll come to see that if I do more of these. I love this shirt so much it's a little cray. The tie around the neck is really cute and reminds me of the shirt I wanted from Primark/Penneys that I never got my hands on. I was more devastated than I should have been about it really.
(Belt - Primark/Penneys.)
Those of you who've followed my blog since this time last year will know that I got into college (or Uni for you UK peeps), hated it and swiftly left two months later. ohhhh drop out.... but best thing I ever did. I re-applied and boom~ I'm off to study social media and marketing. I'm really looking forward to it. More so than I was last year so thats a good sign right? All my friends are heading into the second year now with the exception of like 3 who are also beginning their first year so it's great. I literally only accepted my offer a couple hours ago. I got two offers and I literally couldn't decide. I'm not sure when I start but I'm sure my blog will suffer between moving and getting settled in. Not that I'm moving really far away or anything I'm not. It's like 30mins haha. Be grand. Are any of you starting your first year? Leave a comment below (: 


Thursday Wishlist 1.


Monki Dress, Romwe Skirt, Michael Kors Watch, Topshop Boots.
I thought I'd share with you guys a few of the things i've been lusting after lately. My bank balance will definitely hate me if I go out and splurge on the Micheal Kors watch in one go, so I've slowly been saving for it. Only a gazillion euro to go. The monki dress is so cute. I seen it on 'Charlotte Martin' yesterday and fell in love. I've never bought from 'Monki' before so I'm excited to get my hands on it. The 'Romwe' skirt is something I stumbled across when I was bored and took to online shopping. Loving the whole 'high/low' trend right now. The 'Topshop' boots explain themselves really, I mean look at them. I seen them in store and need them. 90£ for a pair of studded boots, sure why not? That's not crazy in the slightest.


Bargaineous Blush Palette.

I've been meaning to post about this blush palette for a few days now but can never get the shades to photograph true to colour. Damn you bad lighting and awful irish weather. But anyway, I ordered this off ebay what feels like ages ago now but it wasn't really. It does come from china so if you do order expect snail pace delivery. I came across it through somebodies blog post and I wanted it instantly. I can't find the blog I originally saw it on, which is annoying. I thought it was quite the bargain and ordered straight away. You get 10 pretty intense shades for 99p which works out at like 10p a blush.....excluding the 2.69£ shipping but that doesn't really count..does it? ;)
I wasn't expecting much from a 99p ebay palette but I'm seriously impressed. I actually reach for this far more than my MAC and Benefit blushes, purely because of how pigmented it is. There's quite a mix of shades, some are clearly more 'in your face' than others but surprisingly enough I'm loving the bright pinks in this more than the more muted peachy tones. I think this would suit everyones taste cause you have your matte shades but also the ones with a bit of shimmer and a variation of pinks, coral and peaches. A little sweep of blush and you're ready to go, 99p though, you can't really go wrong. You can find it on ebay here.
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The Perfect Pale Foundation.

I'm always on the look out for the 'perfect' foundation. Which is probably why i've bought more foundations in the past month than I usually do. Frankly I put this down to shitty drugstore lighting. Note to self : leave store with foundation swatched on hand and compare in natural sunlight. The difference will shock you! A friend recommended I try this, she's paler than I am, so I hoped it would match. I find that make up companies these days don't cater for the paler girl, which is unfortunate cause there is a lot of us. I know Nicola Roberts has a line out but thats a little expensive for me.
This foundation is my favourite thing. It matches my skin as if it was an extra layer of skin covering all those lovely imperfections. I find its very light on my skin which is great because it feels more natural and regardless of its light colouring, a little really does go a long way. I don't have to pack a tonne of it on to get my desired level of coverage. It lasts a good few hours too, more than I'd expect considering I work in a hot kitchen and its still there come 5 o'clock. I'd recommend you all go and buy this. The irish price is as far as I can remember 13.99€. My tube is now empty but I'll definitely be buying another one.....If you'd like to compare my skin to yours, I was matched as an NW15 in MAC which used to match my skin perfectly. But then I got even paler ~hello anemia~ and that looks a little
orangey on my skin now
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Fuzzy Peach.

When I go to 'The Body Shop' I usually head straight for the body butters and never acknowledge the fact that they have other products. Silly me. When I was in London this caught my eye straight away not only because it was at the bargaineous price of 2£ but because of its mangoey/peach scent. The smell reminds of me the tropical juice you can but in tesco - delicious. I don't expect much when it comes to shower gels because well they're shower gels. They're all gel like and don't claim to do an awful lot. The only thing I wanted to see with this was would the scent linger on my skin and brilliantly enough it kind of does. It's not incredible strong or anything but its there and it's noticeable enough for my mum to ask with is it, so A+. When the gel interacts with the shower water the burst of mangoey deliciousness is incredible. It really floats about in the air. I wouldn't say my skin has become any softer or anything using this but as I said above, I wasn't expecting anything. I'm actually almost finished this now -picture taken when bought- and can't wait to purchase another.
I might try another of their shower gels if you guys have any suggestions?
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Cute As A Button.

(Essie - Cute as a Button 7£)
i'm not allowed to wear nail polish at work but when i get the chance -thursday evenings just in time for the weekend- i splash this onto my nails the second i get home. it's definitely my 'go to' nail polish right now. i love the shade, i was instantly drawn to it when i saw it on the stand in boots. it's so cute. i would describe it as a 'sugary pink', its not quite 'hot pink' but its no pastel baby pink either, borderline in between being all girly and living up to my pink nail polish expectations. chippage is minimal, non existent even. which is saying something as i'm a sucker for chipping the hell out of my nail polish. it dries pretty rapidly too. by the time i've finished my right hand my left is dry and ready for the second coat. probably my favourite thing about this nail polish after the shade because i'm also terrible for smudging my nails too.
I can see why so many bloggers have hyped the hell out of these nail polishes.


slight jewelry addiction.....

Hi, my name is Jess and I have a ridiculous addiction to jewelry right now. afterall i did only just blog about my love for the arm candy trend.  the crazy thing is, this isn't even all of it. since i snapped the photos on sunday i've had things arrive off ebay.
i couldn't help it i needed this in my life. its just so cute and by the time i got around to having movney on my card it was sold out on asos and well a girls gotta do and all that. i was actually surprised how quickly it arrived, i only ordered it a week and a half ago and it came from china.. i did only order the bracelet but when i opened the package, the seller had thrown in one of those nifty seeing eye rings that everyone's in love with?. Besides Topshop and H&M are having amazing sales right now so really I just couldn't help myself when i saw 'half price'.


Painting The Town Red.

My plans for last night changed rather swifty. I did have intentions of staying in and being lame but after 'umming' and 'ahhing' on whether I should hit the town with my friends, I decided at half 8 (pretty late in terms of time to get ready) I would go out. The night itself was kind of a let down but the craic was had. Unfortunately due to being incredibly bored I left early (shame on me) and headed home to bed and by bed I mean spending the next like hour and a half reblogging pictures of Miley Cyrus on tumblr. If you're reading this Sophie I'm sure you will understand the obsession ;)
I wore out this dress that I got two years or so ago from 'Topshop'. After having it hanging in my wardrobe for what feels like an eternity I decided to put it to good use. I used to wear it all the time but then fell out of love with it when prettier things came along. I'm sure you're all well aware of the fake litas making their rounds on almost every blog.....they're so pretty. I love them. I wear them out every night without fail..., honestly if you're looking for a pair of heels that are super comfy and make you look 6ft tall, you need these pronto. I'm currently on a little 'spending ban' after going a little cray cray with online shopping. I have a few things that are on their way over the next few days. I get so inpatient waiting for things to arrive. Especially the high waisted american apparel trousers I ordered! Cannot wait for those babies to arrive.....going a little mad as i ordered them over a week ago and keep torturing myself by looking at them online. Also if any of you guys know where I can get a real good luminous yellow nail polish leave a comment below, I'm loving a bit of neon nail right now. If you actually read all of this waffle, kudos to you and apologies for the time you may have wasted.


Topshop Prime Time.

I dont know if any of you have tried out any of the blushers form the Topshop make up range but if you haven't already you need to. 'Prime Time' is my second blush from the range. I was so impressed with 'Neon Rose' (review here) that I just had to get my mitts on another.
I know a lot of people find the Topshop packaging slightly irritating because of how grubby it begins to look after a while but I really like it. With white packaging it's bound to get a little dirty with use. I think the spotty design is really cute and simple and the mirror on the inside is incredibly handy.
'Prime Time' is a gorgeous bright pink. When I picked it up it seemed almost slightly neonish? Maybe that's because I usually don't go for bright pinks like this but something about it caught my eye anyway. It's very vibrant and adds that extra something to your make up. I find it to be very buildable and it doesn't go cakey or anything on my skin. Sometimes I'll just add a slight brush to my cheeks if I'm looking for a somewhat more subtle glow.
The formula of the Topshop blush is what really draws me in -other than the great range of shades and budget friendly price-. It applies as a cream but the finish is more powdery and I love, love, love this about these blushes. I used to just dab it on with my fingers but lately I've found that using my Real Techniques Stippling Brush is a hell of a lot better.
I enjoy using this blush, the colour is just encroyable and for 6£ you can't go wrong.
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Arm Candy.

(Forever21 & Primark/Penneys)
I thought I'd share with you guys what I'm loving fashion/style wise right now. I'm really loving bracelets. Especially a bunch of bracelets piled onto the one arm. I really think it adds that extra bit of 'oomph' to an outift without looking like you've tried too hard. In reality its all pretty effortless isn't it? I've been spending hours trawling through ebay lately looking for the perfect pieces. I'm loving anything skullish, linky and gold. Even a bit of gold and silver. Usually a total no but with the right pieces I think it really works. I'm eyeing up these cross bracelets on Derng but haven't been able to talk myself into buying them yet. I've spent far too much on jewelry lately and there's a certain amount of effort waiting for stuff to arrive from America. I'm an inpatient little blogger ;) 


Blueberry Body Butter.

There's something about 'The Body Shops' body butters that I can't get enough of. Between the ridiculously amazing scents and how moisturising they are, I just cannot get enough.
I picked this up for 6£ when I was in London a few weeks ago. 'The Body Shop' were having a sale on and I couldn't pass that up now could I? I toyed between purchasing a full version of The Shea Body Butter (review here) or this Blueberry version. I really love anything Blueberry scented so this won out in the end. The smell is incredible. It's just so blueberryish. I've found myself applying the body butter constantly purely just to get a wiff of blueberry. Which works out great cause I'm applying it more than I usually would have and my skin is thanking me for it. Especially those dry patches on my knees. You only need to apply the smallest bit and I find it really moisturising. It leaves my skin so soft and nearly good enough to eat. The lingering scent of blueberries is my favourite thing about this.
(I've written blueberry a ridiculous amount of times in this.)


Crescent Bay Body Mist.

(Hollister Body Spray - 12£)
I don't usually go for body sprays/mists from clothing stores as I always find the scent isn't the strongest and doesn't linger for that long. When i spritzed this for the fun of it (as you do) and could still smell it over an hour later I knew I need it. I dragged my friend the whole way back to Hollister and snapped it up. I just needed to have it, I'm pretty sure I drove her crazy saying how much I loved it. Its such a gorgeous fruity smell. Very summery and fun. It isn't incredibly strong where it drives you crazy but just enough to notice you have spritzed something. I've been spraying this practically everyday since I got it almost three weeks ago and I find it oddly addictive. It's definitely going to be my go to scent for the next while. Thankfully it goes a long way and the amount in it has barely budged.
Have any of you tried and Hollister Body Sprays?


Lush - Bubblegum Lip Scrub.

I was excited to try this after reading on countless blogs about how great it is.
I have a tendency to suffer from dry lips from time to time and could never find a lip
exfoliator that really helped remove the excess dry skin.
The smell is very sweet and as it says on the lid 'Bubblegum'. The scrub reminds me of sugar particles which makes it harder for me to not want to eat off my lips.
I've been using this for nearly two weeks now and have to say I'm incredibly impressed with the results. My lips feel smoother and look a whole lot better than they did two weeks ago. Due to my obsession with lip butters I'm conscious of whether the rough parts of my lips are being highlighted as I find the lip butters make dry areas more visible.
I use a generous amount and rub it into my lips until I'm satisfied that my lips have been properly exfoliated. My lips tingle for a slight bit afterwards which I've taken as a sign that the scrub is working its magic. The smell and taste are divine. Seriously I'm quite tempted to just eat it off my lips.....I resist the temptation (barely). For the price you pay I think the 25g pot is more than enough. I can see this lasting me for as long as I need it and I'm happy I gave into blogger hype and purchased this.


Haulage - London Style.

(Topshop Idol Lipstick, Sleek Au Naturel Palette and Topshop Prime Time Blush.)
(Lush Happ Blooming Bath Malt, Bubblegum Lip scrub, Rocketeer Bath Ballistic.)
(The Body Shop Fuzzy Beach Shower Gel, Blueberry Body Butter, Hollister Body Spray.)
(Benefit That Gal (Glamour Freebie), MAC Pink Swoon Blush.)
(Collection 2000 Concealer in Fair 1, Cream Puff in Powder Puff 1 and Cotton Candy 1,)
(Rasberry Pie Revlon Lip Butter, Revlon Sizzle Lipgloss.)
I was going to make this into a video but even though my camera is A+ for picture taking, its not so great for videos and the whole way through there's this obnoxious noise from the camera. Any cheap camera recommendations with auto focus would be great. I picked up quite a few bits. A few were on my list and the rest.....were completely impulsive. I was really happy with The Body Shop that we went into in Westfield. They were having a real good sale in there. The Butter cost me 6£ and the shower gel was 2£. They both smell divine. Superdrug wasn't so great. The make up stands weren't very well stocked. Especially the Sleek one. The Cream Puff lipglosses are heaven. The matte finish, wow. Wish I'd pick up two of the Cotton Candy one. I did buy some clothes and jewelry in Primark, H&M and all that but laziness has prevailed and I can't be bothered to take photos.
I'm hoping to get a tripod in the next few days for taking OOTD's so expect to see them in future posts. Have ye tried any of these? Let me know in the comments.