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Review : Fat Hair Shampoo & Conditioner.

Let me start by saying that I only bought this shampoo cause it was in zoella's hair care video a few months ago and being incredibly jealous of her long voluminous hair i was willing to try anything to achieve the same results. I bought this a few days after seeing her video cause it just so happened that i was up north and able to go to 'Superdrug' and buy was also on offer, at 2 for 6£ ie. bargain!

The shampoo is described on the website as so :
This revolutionary sulphate free, 100% vegan, thickening shampoo is the first step toward thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Samy’s exclusive Thickening Complex—a blend of natural extracts and proteins—penetrates each hair strand resulting in thicker, fuller, stronger, healthier looking hair.
With the conditioner being described as :
This ultra lightweight, 100% vegan, thickening conditioner transforms fine, limp hair into thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Specially formulated not to weigh hair down. Samy’s exclusive Thickening Complex—a blend of natural extracts and proteins—penetrates each hair strand resulting in thicker, fuller, stronger, healthier looking hair.

Unfortunately it was nothing like this for me. My hair has a tendency to be very dry (years of dying it kicking me in the face) so I need a shampoo and conditioner duo that really helps nourish it as it does become extremely brittle. This shampoo completely dried my hair out and the conditioner didnt do much conditioning. It wasn't very nice. I didn't like the feel of my hair and because i don't like to waste things, I continued using it till i could go out and buy something else. I give it 10/10 for thickening my hair. It really delivered there. For only it dried my hair out so much and made it look so unhealthy i'd be completely in love (Especially as its 100% vegan).

Although at times when i hadn't gone hardcore on the straighteners i reminded myself of monica in that episode of friends, not as bad mind you but getting there. My main problem upon my first wash with this? The smell! Its AWFUL. I don't even know how to describe it but trust me its not nice at all..
But this is just my experience. If you're not prone to dry, disastrous hair then by all means run to your nearest superdrug ;) you'll love this as much as i wish i could. But if you are like me and have been dying your hair every colour under the sun since you were 12? Then stay far away as it won't help give you a glowing volumised head of hair..

If you've tried this let me know in the comments below.


Lucyy Writes said...

I've been meaning to try it, but james brown's products do it for me :D oh and the new pantene spa range! omg amazing :D! Try :D

Jess said...

James Brown is the one i'm using right now actually. LOVE it. haven't tried those. i'll remember that for when i go shopping. x

Katia said...

Ahh I have dry hair too :( I use biolage hydrating shampoo. And serum helps a lot to hydrate your hair. This sucks though.. the vegan-ism got me interested but sucks it dries out your hair :(

Jess said...

i've never really tried serum before, may give that a try. x

Make me up said...

not heard of this brand, shame it didn't work for you! No one wants hair like Monica's in that episode :L I find Aveda's hair products really good xx

Jess said...

haha no, nobody does. :L x

Rebecca Elizabeth said...

I've been looking at this range for a while now, debating trying it out, so thanks for your review as my hair too has been put through endless amounts of dying so I won't be trying this out! xx

Jess said...

aw no problem. just sharing my experience xx