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A Little Bit Of Fandom.....

If you're a long time reader (ie. been reading prior to when I deleted all my posts) you will know how much of a Jonas Brothers fan I am. It's kind of sad really, 18 and totally obsessed like a 12year old. Been a fan for 5 long long years. Countless posters and CDs and one concert on November 24th 2009 which was the best concert i've ever been to.
So if you haven't been living under a rock you'll know that Joe Jonas is supporting Britney Spears on the EU leg of her world tour. I thought this is my chance to meet Joe. My friends got tickets to go to the concert for a birthday present and then one of them won a ticket and gave it to me last weekend. We went to stay in my friends in Dublin last Sunday night (concert was on Monday eve) and contemplated going out to the airport after reading on twitter that he'd be arriving that night but we didn't. However when we woke up the next morning he still hadn't arrived and some lovely girls on twitter told me it would be the 12:50 flight from Milan. So off we went to the airport at like half 9 that morning. Got there waited around for three hours, got some funny looks from people arriving and counted by security and then it happened. Joe freaking Jonas walked through the arrivals gate of Terminal 2 and I didn't know what to do with myself. My heart was already racing from the waiting but being so close to him and knowing this was the moment i'd been waiting 5years for is indescribable. He came over our way (there were 9other girls on the other side of the gate and us 3 on our side) and I go "Hey Joe can we get a photo?" he said something along the lines of "yeh, we just have to move over there *pointed*". I was the first to get a photo with him and then afterwards i got an autograph and told him how i'd been to his other concert in '09 and how i thought his album was amazing, he said thanks.
It was the best 15mins of my life and I'm still in shock. The concert was amazing. Well Joe was, the energy of his performance was incredible
. Britney, I've seen before back in '04 and she's lost that sparkle in her eye that made her so entertaining. She looked so bored and just not there.
It was, sad really.