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June Favourites....

I thought I would do a June favourites post as well, I couldn't really think of anything else and I'm really into the whole 'sure put a post everyday Jess ,so you get a real knack for it'. It's not much as i had exams last month so i was using very little on my face.

  • Foundation - Mac Studio Sculpt NW15. - I bought this back in April? Sometime around then and I hadn't really used it that much until my max-factor foundation ran out. I use it for night out really because i find it really lasts through the crazy dancing and sweltering heat in the the nightclub. I love the coverage and it matches my skin perfectly which is really hard to do cause i'm quite pale. It was something like 35€ in Brown Thomas and I really only bought it cause the sales person picked it out , swatched it on my skin and said it would be good. But I was loving it last month.
  • Concealer - Benefit Erase Paste in No.1 Fair. - I never really used concealer before i got my hands on this as i didn't see the point but boy was i wrong. i use this on most days when my skin looks god awful which is well a lot. but i find you only need the tiniest bit to cover up those spots or dark under eye circles. it's amazing. i used it a lot last month as my skin was just all over the place with exam stress and it really helped cover up bad skin days. It's a bit steep at around 28€ but i got it when i got the Mac Studio Sculpt and barely any of it is gone so it does well for the price.
  • Eye Shadow -  Chanel '11 Voil├ęs' eye palette - i only use the nude pink in this really, its subtle and applies well. I got this some time ago so i don't know how much it was, I'm not too pushed on eye shadow I just trow on whatever ,whenever and this does the job. There's three colours on the inside , nude pink, grey and a medium brown.
Eyes :

  • Mascara - Rimmel 'Extra Super Lash' Black Black - this is the best mascara i have ever used form Rimmel. I had another one which was volume or something or another in a red black packaging that was clumpy and just awful from the day i bought it but this one really makes my eyes pop, i love it. I think it was 7€ or something like that but i cant really remember. It's rimmel so it's hardly breaking the bank.

I had exams last month so everything here is really basic. Enough to cover up the bad skin days but small enough to only take a few minutes between getting ready to dash out before an exam and last minute study.
2 days......


Review - Rimmel, Misty Jade.

I bought this when I went shopping on Saturday. I wanted a colour that was bright and had a pastel kind of vibe from it. Besides Rimmel have a whole 'Buy 2 for 3' thing going on in Boots so it was perfect. I love the lasting finish range because its cheap at less than 5£ and it really lasts. I have some polishes that really don't last through the wear and tear my hands experience during the day and this does. I plopped it on Saturday when I got home from shopping and here now today its as good as it was then. Not a chip in sight.

as you can see i did only put it on roughly but it managed to last through washing dishes, baking muffins, typing on my phone and laptop, random daily activity, a shower and painting the kitchen. (Thats paint on my fingers actually). I love this product and would really recommend it as I find some nail polishes out on the market don't really last me, they end up chipped and smudged by the end of the day. Not to mention this colour is really cute and stands out.