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Breathe in the air if you care, you compare, don't say farewell.

Merry Christmas you guys. Hope santa was good to you all. He was definitely very generous in our house (': I havent updated as i've been spending my time being incredibly lazy (i injured my foot last week) and watching tv so on and so forth. I've had an A+ christmas. Pity the sales have been rubbish, i've had my eye on things that should have been on sale but were not. Disappointed much? None the less...
It's new years eve. Have a great evening :D
Happy New Year xx


Week In Photos 001.

1. My dog Daisy. 2. Our Christmas tree. 3. Frozen duck pond.
4. My room slowly turned into santas workshop.
5. Olivia on the cover of this months 'Company Magazine'.
6. My rough attempt at some sparkly snowflake nails.

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow <3 oh the excitement. Can't wait to put all the gifts under the tree and sit back and watch whatever movie is on (':


From now until Christmas all i'm going to do is watch Christmassy movies and tv shows i associate with Christmas..... like the chrismukkah episodes of The OC and such (':
The lack of snow this year is depressing. It just doesn't feel like Christmas at all which is kind of disappointing cause if the world does end next year (and lynx seem pretty sure it will) this will be our last ever. But I'm just being dramatic...
Going to crack on with the movies and blast some xmas music on my ipod for the next 5 days.....
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Review : Fat Hair Shampoo & Conditioner.

Let me start by saying that I only bought this shampoo cause it was in zoella's hair care video a few months ago and being incredibly jealous of her long voluminous hair i was willing to try anything to achieve the same results. I bought this a few days after seeing her video cause it just so happened that i was up north and able to go to 'Superdrug' and buy was also on offer, at 2 for 6£ ie. bargain!

The shampoo is described on the website as so :
This revolutionary sulphate free, 100% vegan, thickening shampoo is the first step toward thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Samy’s exclusive Thickening Complex—a blend of natural extracts and proteins—penetrates each hair strand resulting in thicker, fuller, stronger, healthier looking hair.
With the conditioner being described as :
This ultra lightweight, 100% vegan, thickening conditioner transforms fine, limp hair into thicker, fuller, stronger hair. Specially formulated not to weigh hair down. Samy’s exclusive Thickening Complex—a blend of natural extracts and proteins—penetrates each hair strand resulting in thicker, fuller, stronger, healthier looking hair.

Unfortunately it was nothing like this for me. My hair has a tendency to be very dry (years of dying it kicking me in the face) so I need a shampoo and conditioner duo that really helps nourish it as it does become extremely brittle. This shampoo completely dried my hair out and the conditioner didnt do much conditioning. It wasn't very nice. I didn't like the feel of my hair and because i don't like to waste things, I continued using it till i could go out and buy something else. I give it 10/10 for thickening my hair. It really delivered there. For only it dried my hair out so much and made it look so unhealthy i'd be completely in love (Especially as its 100% vegan).

Although at times when i hadn't gone hardcore on the straighteners i reminded myself of monica in that episode of friends, not as bad mind you but getting there. My main problem upon my first wash with this? The smell! Its AWFUL. I don't even know how to describe it but trust me its not nice at all..
But this is just my experience. If you're not prone to dry, disastrous hair then by all means run to your nearest superdrug ;) you'll love this as much as i wish i could. But if you are like me and have been dying your hair every colour under the sun since you were 12? Then stay far away as it won't help give you a glowing volumised head of hair..

If you've tried this let me know in the comments below.


O.P.I - Katy Perry Collection.

Now I know this nail polish has been around for a while, but i live in the middle of no where so its hard to get my hands on 'high end' sorta stuff. In other words if its not drugstore make up I won't get it here. But one of the days I was wandering around the shops where I go to college where lo and behold I saw a small little 'O.P.I' stand. I literally never see 'O.P.I' in Ireland. Unfortunately they only had two shades and at €13 its a bit pricey so I settled on this one from the Katy Perry collection. I love Katy Perry and I love anything sparky and girly so there wasn't much hesitation. I've had it a couple weeks now and I adore it. You do need two or three coats to make it stand out but it dries quickly so its not that much bother. I like to wear it with another blue nail polish I have from Rimmel, it really makes it pop. My favourite thing about it? How easily it pulls off. I know how random. But i get bored with my nails being painted so i like pulling it off and this just comes off in one. It's brilliant haha.
Let me know in the comments some of your favourite 'O.P.I' shades, I'm going to order a few online for Christmas...x


Review : Rimmel Volume Flash, Scandal Eyes Mascara.

I was in my local Boots about 3 weeks ago when i saw that this mascara was down from 9€ to 5€ and not one to pass up a bargain I bought it. My previous Rimmel Mascara was practically finished so I thought 'may as well as its only a fiver'.

Rimmel promote this product as :
 "Rimmel Volume Flash Scandal Eyes Mascare - who thought a big brush could volumize and define like this? Scandalous Brush: So big yet so precise, Rimmel's MaxDensity™ brush reveals lashes you never thought you had. 30% wider and denser, with more bristles to capture and coat even the smallest lashes. Combs through clumps for perfect definition.
Yes the brush is quite big but i found this awkward when applying to my lashes. The wand isn't long enough to support it and I ended up rubbing some of the mascara from it onto the side of my face when trying to reach my smaller lashes, which isn't great when you're trying to get ready for a night out.

I also found it very clumpy to apply regardless of Rimmel saying "Combs through clumps for perfect definition". Once or twice a big lump of mascara came out of the tube along with the wand and only for quick movement on my behalf would have ended up all over my floor.

I liked how black it came out on my lashes but this was after applying it a few times. I think this won't be the mascara for you if you're constantly in a hurry but if you have a minute or 4 to spare to achieve the 'defined' and 'volumised' lashes it claims to create then by all means run out and purchase this. But it's not something i'll repurchase. 10/10 for the outer packaging. I'm a sucker for anything orange. But 4/10 for over all product. Majorly disappointed as i'm a huge fan of Rimmel Mascara's.



It's my birthday next week (the 13th) so I've just been going through my 'wishlist' bookmark folder on my computer . Can't wait to just go shopping. bitta retail therapy ;)


A Little Bit Of Fandom.....

If you're a long time reader (ie. been reading prior to when I deleted all my posts) you will know how much of a Jonas Brothers fan I am. It's kind of sad really, 18 and totally obsessed like a 12year old. Been a fan for 5 long long years. Countless posters and CDs and one concert on November 24th 2009 which was the best concert i've ever been to.
So if you haven't been living under a rock you'll know that Joe Jonas is supporting Britney Spears on the EU leg of her world tour. I thought this is my chance to meet Joe. My friends got tickets to go to the concert for a birthday present and then one of them won a ticket and gave it to me last weekend. We went to stay in my friends in Dublin last Sunday night (concert was on Monday eve) and contemplated going out to the airport after reading on twitter that he'd be arriving that night but we didn't. However when we woke up the next morning he still hadn't arrived and some lovely girls on twitter told me it would be the 12:50 flight from Milan. So off we went to the airport at like half 9 that morning. Got there waited around for three hours, got some funny looks from people arriving and counted by security and then it happened. Joe freaking Jonas walked through the arrivals gate of Terminal 2 and I didn't know what to do with myself. My heart was already racing from the waiting but being so close to him and knowing this was the moment i'd been waiting 5years for is indescribable. He came over our way (there were 9other girls on the other side of the gate and us 3 on our side) and I go "Hey Joe can we get a photo?" he said something along the lines of "yeh, we just have to move over there *pointed*". I was the first to get a photo with him and then afterwards i got an autograph and told him how i'd been to his other concert in '09 and how i thought his album was amazing, he said thanks.
It was the best 15mins of my life and I'm still in shock. The concert was amazing. Well Joe was, the energy of his performance was incredible
. Britney, I've seen before back in '04 and she's lost that sparkle in her eye that made her so entertaining. She looked so bored and just not there.
It was, sad really.


June Favourites....

I thought I would do a June favourites post as well, I couldn't really think of anything else and I'm really into the whole 'sure put a post everyday Jess ,so you get a real knack for it'. It's not much as i had exams last month so i was using very little on my face.

  • Foundation - Mac Studio Sculpt NW15. - I bought this back in April? Sometime around then and I hadn't really used it that much until my max-factor foundation ran out. I use it for night out really because i find it really lasts through the crazy dancing and sweltering heat in the the nightclub. I love the coverage and it matches my skin perfectly which is really hard to do cause i'm quite pale. It was something like 35€ in Brown Thomas and I really only bought it cause the sales person picked it out , swatched it on my skin and said it would be good. But I was loving it last month.
  • Concealer - Benefit Erase Paste in No.1 Fair. - I never really used concealer before i got my hands on this as i didn't see the point but boy was i wrong. i use this on most days when my skin looks god awful which is well a lot. but i find you only need the tiniest bit to cover up those spots or dark under eye circles. it's amazing. i used it a lot last month as my skin was just all over the place with exam stress and it really helped cover up bad skin days. It's a bit steep at around 28€ but i got it when i got the Mac Studio Sculpt and barely any of it is gone so it does well for the price.
  • Eye Shadow -  Chanel '11 Voil├ęs' eye palette - i only use the nude pink in this really, its subtle and applies well. I got this some time ago so i don't know how much it was, I'm not too pushed on eye shadow I just trow on whatever ,whenever and this does the job. There's three colours on the inside , nude pink, grey and a medium brown.
Eyes :

  • Mascara - Rimmel 'Extra Super Lash' Black Black - this is the best mascara i have ever used form Rimmel. I had another one which was volume or something or another in a red black packaging that was clumpy and just awful from the day i bought it but this one really makes my eyes pop, i love it. I think it was 7€ or something like that but i cant really remember. It's rimmel so it's hardly breaking the bank.

I had exams last month so everything here is really basic. Enough to cover up the bad skin days but small enough to only take a few minutes between getting ready to dash out before an exam and last minute study.
2 days......


Review - Rimmel, Misty Jade.

I bought this when I went shopping on Saturday. I wanted a colour that was bright and had a pastel kind of vibe from it. Besides Rimmel have a whole 'Buy 2 for 3' thing going on in Boots so it was perfect. I love the lasting finish range because its cheap at less than 5£ and it really lasts. I have some polishes that really don't last through the wear and tear my hands experience during the day and this does. I plopped it on Saturday when I got home from shopping and here now today its as good as it was then. Not a chip in sight.

as you can see i did only put it on roughly but it managed to last through washing dishes, baking muffins, typing on my phone and laptop, random daily activity, a shower and painting the kitchen. (Thats paint on my fingers actually). I love this product and would really recommend it as I find some nail polishes out on the market don't really last me, they end up chipped and smudged by the end of the day. Not to mention this colour is really cute and stands out.