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Gel Nails Masterpost

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I say 'Gel Nails Masterpost', but really I'm missing a few pictures and even then I don't know if thats enough to qualify for a 'masterpost' but anyway.....If you follow me on Instagram (JesskaDenise), then you will already know that I am vry vry fond of my gel nails. Back in October (€50 to get them on), after swearing to a friend that I would 'never get gel nails ever again' after a bad set I got back in June, I was back on the gel nails express train. I've been getting refills (€25) every three weeks since October and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. I go to the same place in Longford town every month, 'The Nail Bar' and you can find it on Facebook here. I honestly wouldn't go anywhere else in Longford for them. I'm always happy with how they turn out and 9 times out of 10 she can do the design I fancy. Sometimes I play it completely boring with a nude or glitter accent nail. Sometimes I really can't decide what shade to go with at all and I'm still scrolling through Pinterest for ideas minutes before my appointment. I'm a creature of habit and I've been sticking to an almond shape, it feel it's the most flattering shape for my hand (i'm cray, I know) and I'm happy with it. I did consider 'coffin' nails cause Kylie, but decided to back out at the last minute. Maybe next time.
gel nails longford
I keep mine quite short, I kind of have to with work, they can make simple things like picking money out of the till a little awkward. I've only ever broke two since October and I blame that on it being my actual nail rather than the stick on. Thankfully they were slow breaks so there was no pain, I've heard many horror stories from friends who've just lost them in one whack. Ouch. I know there's a lot of talk about gels being bad for your nails and having gel nails for too long can ruin your own nails, but my actual nails are quite weak and flaky so I've never thought of it as an issue. I prefer the sturdiness of the gel nail, and the lack of chipping is a winner in my eyes. I did ask my nail technician if prolonged wearing of gel nails was bad for my nails and she said that it wasn't really, and that your nails grow back eventually so what difference does it make. Wise wise words that I am choosing to live by.
If you live in Longford and you're looking for somewhere to get your nails done, I highly recommend 'The Nail Bar'. It's located next to Game Stop on your way down to Tesco, but be warned that they are very popular so getting an appointment is a challenge in itself. I always book my next appointments when I'm there and I know my friends do the same, it makes it easier.
What about you guys? Do any of you get gel nails?


Kiss & Make-up said...

I've never had anything done to my nails, always had 'em natural. I guess I kinda neglect my nails a bit...

Sinéad Dreaming said...

Your nails always look amazing! I have never got gel nails done but I'v been looking into finding a place to do them because my natural nails are so short and crappy and you always feel so much more glam when your nails look good :) x

Sinead | Dreaming Again

Dreaming in Sequins said...

I love the colour schemes you go for with your nails - the art is amazing xx Siobhan

Makeup Monster said...

Wow these are amazing, I'll admit I'm very lazy with my nails!

Rainy Allie said...

The tuxedo one looks so cute! I've never had gel nails done' but that just looks so cool!

Allie | RainyAllie

Fatima said...

Love all of the nails! I have always wanted to get gel nails before never went Thru it....

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