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Primark Booties.

(Leggings - Tally Weijl, Boots - Primark/Penneys)
Let me introduce you all to my new favourite boots from none other than Primark/Penneys. I wear them everywhere, college, maroon 5, general day to dayness, bed. They're super comfy. I especially like how thick the sole is on them. Very sturdy and not usually they type of sole you'd see on a shoe from Primark/Penneys. You'll definitely get great wear out of them and there's not much chance of them falling apart when they come in contact with a bit of rain. If you're a fan of all things black like I am but want to jump out of that whole obsession, these do they job. They're still in the black ~family but they're not they're charcoal. Completely different. Right? I picked them up a few weeks ago for a steal at 18€. Well I think it was 18€ could have been 16€. Either way they were less than 20€ and considering how pricey Primark/Penneys is getting these days (calm down guys plz) they were a great find. They look cute with anything from skinny jeans to skater skirts.Only downside? Little hard to get on. No matter how much I loosen those laces it takes a lifetime to get my foot in. About 10mins really. Oh well, you gotta do whatcha gotta do.


Rebecca Jane said...

Lovely booties and i love the photos - very artistic :)


Yaz O said...

Seen them the other day, sorry noe I didn't get them...though I'm ssure I have something similar somewhere I my wardrobe haha x

Leanne Dempsey said...

I love these boots! Your leggings are amazing, too xx

Sophie - ciaosophie said...

These photos are so cool! The boots are so pretty, I've only ever bought a few pairs of shoes from Primark before but they don't last long at all. I should check them out again though if those boots are lasting a long time xx

beautylover7694 said...

So lovely boots:))

Zoe Holman said...

gorgeous photos! love the leggings :-)

Hareem Wahaj said...

I love your photos! Loving the boots. Need to get a new pair soon! :D x

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