Kardashian Kolor.

At the beginning of Summer I picked up these mini 'Kardashian Kolor' nail polishes in TK Maxx. I rarely ever get the chance to venture in there as my nearest is Sligo, two hours away. It's a pity really as TK Maxx always have such fabulous deals in their 'Beauty' section and you can end up saving quite a bit of money. These for instance only ended up costing me 12€ for four 4ml bottles compared to the 6/7€ you may end up paying for a full size 15ml. I've been using them on and off for 5months and as you can see, the amount has barely budged. The Kardashians partnered with 'Nicóle by O.P.I'  a year or two ago to bring out their own collection of nail polish under the O.P.I name. 'Nicole by O.P.I' if you're unfamiliar is the cheaper of three 'O.P.I' brands. The next one up is 'Sephora by O.P.I' and then your regular 'O.P.I' which is the more expensive of the three and better quality.  I love the names of these nail polishes as they're quite catchy. They each include a family members name in the title to represent them and their personality. The four family members in the 'Celeb-Bitties' set are Kim, Kris, Kendall and Kylie. If your favourite Kardashians are Kourtney or Khloé you can find their shades in the 'Sophisti-Cuties' set.
'Kim-pletely In Love' is a gorgeous nude pink with the most subtle hint of blue shimmer depending on how your nails hit the light. I was surprised that Kims colour was so soft and understated considering she has quite a big personality and is very glamorous. I suppose that's where the blue shimmer comes into it. The pink is very light, almost bordering on white depending on how many coats you apply. For the purpose of this post, I applied three just to pick up the shade. A few months ago I did a post on white nail polish here and it's still pretty much on trend even though we've hit the autumn months. I think this shade is a great alternative to the full on white as it isn't as harsh on pale skin and compliments it quite well.
'All Kendalled Up' is the most fabulous fuchsia pink and really screams Kendall to me. Really tying in to Kendalls personality it's that little more high fashion than the rest of them but at the same time quite discreet and not as 'loud' as the others considering it's vibrancy. This applies a lot thicker than the rest of the shades which is great because it's a lot more opaque and long lasting. If I was to recommend just one shade from the whole collection it would be this as it's better quality than the other three.
'Wear Something Spar-Kylie' is my favourite shade from the set. This really surprised me as I usually don't care too much for glitter nails polishes but this one is so cute and packs on really well in comparison to other glitter ones I have tried. Kylie is also my favourite from the klan so it's funny how this ended up being my favourite. The polish itself is a sparkly pink with hints of silver with a transparent polish. It's incredibly buildable and you can get away with just one coat but to really set off the glitter bomb I apply two or three. Personally I prefer to layer this on top of 'All Kendalled Up' ('On' in the picture) as it ends up lasting way longer than when I just use it by itself. Alone it barely gets to 24hrs before it begins to chip. On top of 'All Kendalled Up' I get a good three days before it begins to look a little less than desireable.
'Sealed With a Kris' is one of the shades that I've only started to use more recently as it's the perfect shade for A/W and it looks pretty similar to shades I've seen on the runway and on other blogs. Its such a gorgeous berry shade and I can just see myself wearing the hell out of it for the next few months. In the first photo it hasn't come up true to color, its no where near as bright or red. It's more of a very dark pink with red undertones but I like it. Definitely the more mature of the four shades and considering its Kris' shade I shouldn't be too surprised. Although I like the shade of this, I'm disappointed with how it applies. Its a lot more watery than the other three and you have to apply four coats before and streakiness disappears. It's durability isn't the best either and after an hour or two on my nails it begins to chip instantly. I carry the bottle around with me so I can reapply.
Over all, I really like these nail polishes. Being at the lower end of the price range you definitely get what you pay. If the Kardashians had partnered up with the regular 'O.P.I' and not the cheaper 'Nicóle by O.P.I' then I think the polishes would have been a lot more lasting. But considering their target audience would be more likely to purchase from 'Nicóle by O.P.I' as it's more affordable it's a smart move on momager Kris' part.


MyLushBoxBarbz said...

I had no idea they did nail varnishes! The names are hilarious.



Sophie - ciaosophie said...

I really like the first two colours, so pretty! x

Hareem Wahaj said...

I love the fucshia! It's gorgeous :D
hareem x

KylieR said...

I like all Kendall-ed up, even though I should like the Kylie one as we share a name!

Thanks for sharing your link in the #bbloggers chat!
Kylie - lazy2lovely.blogspot.co.uk

Andrea said...

I think All Kendall-ed Up looks like it would be my favourite, but I love the Kris colour for this time of year :) so cute!
Keep in touch :)
www.lanouvellenoire.com xxx

Aveen said...

I didn't realise you were only 2hrs away from Sligo!! I live there :-) xxx
That was a good deal on the nail varnishes I must pop in for a look! My favourite is All Kendalled Up xxx it's beautiful xxx

Not Just Inside - Irish Beauty Blog said...

OOOhh I love all kendall-ed up

Emma Henderson said...

These are really pretty, loving all kendall-ed up as well!

Emma | Fluff and Fripperies

Nurse Fancy Pants said...

All Kendall-ed up is a stunner! They're all lovely though and that is seriously good value for that set!

Megan said...

Oooooh these are pretty :) Love the names, it was defo a smart move to go with a cheaper brand with this range!

Overdose De Maquillage said...

Beautiful colours! TK Maxx is great for high end nail polishes at a cheaper price.. I've managed to pick up a few Essie and OPI shades there which I love! :) x


Makeup Monster said...

All Kendalled up is gorgous!!!

Temporary:Secretary said...

The hot pink shade is gorgeous, i love pinks like that x

Filippa Hector said...

It look's great ♡¨

Sarah BeautyWithBrushes said...

I love TK MAXX beauty section!! I picked up a set of 4 Sally Hansen complete salon manicure polishes for a tenner!
Will definitely keep an eye out for these, beautiful colours!

Mandy P. said...

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Lucy Doyle said...

Love these :D such nice colours x

Lucy Doyle said...

Love these :D such nice colours x

Aoife - A Little Infinity said...

The names of these are so funny. Love the Kylie one!