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My Night Time Essentials.

My 'Night Time Essentials' change constantly. I'm always changing products in favor for something else. But I thought i'd share with you guys what I'm loving right now. Bio oil will never not be part of my night time essential items. I apply this every night without fail. I've had incredibly sucky skin for years now and thankfully it's really starting to clear up thanks to a number of changes I've made. 2litres of water a day, major fruit overdoses etc etc. But unfortunately my lower chin area has been left with not so nice scarring from the spots and in attempt to be somewhat rid of them I apply Bio Oil to help reduce the overall redness and it really works wonders. I have a review on it here. I make sure to exfoliate my lips every night using the Lush 'Bubblegum' lip scrub. Review here. I love this little tub and the scrub tastes delicious. Sorry not sorry. You can't help but try it, you're all lying to yourselves if you disagree with me. When I was in town last week I repurchased the Nivea lip balm,  my friend (you know who you are)also bought it, so it's a winnter. It's one of those items you all need. I'm constantly applying it. Especially after exfoliating to help rehydrate and lock in any moisture. Lastly I have some Soap and Glory products. I'm a S&G junkie if you all haven't realised yet. 'Heel Genius' is new to my regime, I can't tell if I like it yet. Primarily down to the smell. It just isn't like the other S&G products which is disappointing. Its more medicinal? I dunno, just not what I was expecting. I'll have a review on this at some stage but at the moment I'm still trying to figure out if it's having any affect on my feet.....ew. I'm nearly all out of 'Girligo' which is sad cause it's one of those really effortless products. I mean you just spray it all over and you're done, just let it soak in. I'm very keen for my skin to be 'summer ready' so i'm trying hard to keep it hydrated by drinking water and using body butters and all that. If only we get to weather for it.. Make sure to comment below with your own 'Night Time Essentials'.


Makeup Monster said...

I adore the Lush lip scrubs the popcorn one is amazing!

Jenny said...

My night time essentials include body butters, hand cream, Girligo on occasion (if I'm being lazy), eyecream and lip balm. Great post x

Ellie M said...

Great products. I'm a S&G junkie too, have so many products. Love them though, they're great. Really need to use my bio oil more often!

xo Ellie blog | design

Iheartmexo said...

I am slowly getting into using and buying more and more S&G products. The scent is gorge. I might get Girligo soon :)
hareem x

Ellie Burns said...

first of all, i LOOOOOOOOOVE your new header! and bubblegum lip-scrub is my all time favourite- so tasty! xx

MirrorOnThe Wall said...

I really need to get around to buying myself a lip scrub, or at least making one! At the moment I make do with exfoliating with a toothbrush, but it doesn't actually work that well.
Mel xx

Aoife said...

Love, love, love Girligo! Such an unassuming product that you wouldn't even notice, but so amazing!

I must give the Lush lib scribs a go. The weather changing so much has made chapping so much worse than normal!

Raquel T.G. said...

I always change constantly my make up essentials :) Lush has very funny cosmetics!
Are you attending the blogger meeting on June 1st?
Following you now!

ifthey wereme said...

I swear by bio oil. After two babies I have no stretch marks and I 100% believe its down to this :)

All the little things - Irish Beauty Blog said...

Love Bio oil, its great! I am a new irish follower, please check out my blog if you get a chance, xxx.

Jennifer Curley said...

I use Girligo too i love it? I got it in a Soap & Glory set for Christmas and I am almost out aswell. it smells so good oh my god!! Also got a mini Righteous Butter and that is amazing too you should try it!! Really cute blog :)

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