Benefit Full Finish Lipstick.

I love the name of this lipstick 'No Competition' because well personally I think it's the perfect berry shade lipstick and has well..... no. That was a little cheesy wasn't it? On first look it appears to sway more to a dark wine shade but when you apply it, it couldn't be any more different. It's this gorgeous plum shade and even though I thought it might be a little on the dark side for me  -being so pale- it compliments my skin tone nicely and gives a very chic vamp look. It has a lovely creamy consistency and during the colder months this is perfect as it helps keep your lips moisturised and doesn't dry them out. It's quite bold but I love the slightly glossy finish too. Obviously when wearing this I tone down the rest of my make up, a nice subtle eye and light pink blush really helps keep the focus on my lips and how bold they are. Have any of you tried this or any of the other shades? Comment below.


Shazea said...

Havent tried this but woah the pigmentation is just amazing and I love the colour! x


Catherine said...

This is such a gorgeous colour! I always forget about Benefit lipsticks. xo

Iheartmexo said...

I love this shade! prefer this berry colour than the others including MAC's rebel. The pigmentation is so good!
hareem x

Abla said...

nice blog and nice post !
i follow you , follow me back please !!

Jayde Paris said...

Hiiii :)

I didn't even realise Benefit had this colour lipstick, I'll definitely have to try this as I love dark plum colours in lipsticks.

Thanks so much for sharing.
Lots of love, Jayde-Paris xxxxx

Ciara Treacy said...

I got this in a Benefit gift set last Christmas and only wore it once because my mom tells me it looks terrible on me, so harsh! I thought it was nice haha x

OPI Addict said...

I love this formula from Benefit, and this shade looks lovely! :)


Ellie Burns said...

oooooooh benefit lipstick, i like this- the colour is so beautiful! x

Brogan Nicholson said...

Just followed your blog , great post!


Karen said...

This is such a pretty berry shade! It gives such a mature look and it is perfect for the winter months :) I haven't tried any of Benefit's lipsticks before so I might have a look!

Mick Bujko said...

Hey Jess, how are you?

I have nominated you for the “BEST MOMENT AWARD“. Congratulations and enjoy the rest of the day! http://followmyfreedom.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/09-03-2013-best-moment-award-update/#more-530

Beauty and the B said...

looks like a gorgeous colour, and I'm always looking for lipsticks that won't dry out my lips so this sounds like a good choice :)


B xxx

Maddie Magpie said...

Hi Jess, wow, very beautiful colour. Benefit products are such good fun too, their product names and packaging always make me smile :) Following you now on GFC and Bloglovin xo

niki :) said...

what. an. amazing. colour!!!!!
ah, i'm so in love with berry and wine shades at the moment its actually so ridiculous. i've actually written a post about it and would love it if you checked it out? i've also just followed you on twitter lately and i must say your tweets are quite funny ahaha. keep in touch! :) x


Hannah Louisa said...

This is such a gorgeous colour! I love it :) I never think of benefit for lipsticks :) definitely gonna have a look next time I'm there xx