Blueberry Body Butter.

There's something about 'The Body Shops' body butters that I can't get enough of. Between the ridiculously amazing scents and how moisturising they are, I just cannot get enough.
I picked this up for 6£ when I was in London a few weeks ago. 'The Body Shop' were having a sale on and I couldn't pass that up now could I? I toyed between purchasing a full version of The Shea Body Butter (review here) or this Blueberry version. I really love anything Blueberry scented so this won out in the end. The smell is incredible. It's just so blueberryish. I've found myself applying the body butter constantly purely just to get a wiff of blueberry. Which works out great cause I'm applying it more than I usually would have and my skin is thanking me for it. Especially those dry patches on my knees. You only need to apply the smallest bit and I find it really moisturising. It leaves my skin so soft and nearly good enough to eat. The lingering scent of blueberries is my favourite thing about this.
(I've written blueberry a ridiculous amount of times in this.)


Jess Buckley said...

Ah, I love The Body Shop! I always go there and get caught up in how awesome it smells! Unfortunately, I've never really purchased anything from there. I'm obsessed with the LUSH body butter I got a while back. Anything natural is always the best way to go!

Love your blog, lady!

Georgia said...

body shop body butters are my favourites! I love love love the coconut one but blueberry would be my second choice!x

Celene said...

havent tried any body butters from the body shop yet, definately need to thoughh! xo


LucyyLou said...

I do love their body butters just not when full price! Not a huge fan of the blueberry, but I love the grapefuit range.


Dilan Dilir said...

the smell is wonderful :D

taylahjoyce said...

I love the body shop, the scents in their products are so amazing and don't smell artificial. I'm currently religiously applying their peppermint leg cooler and my legs smell amazing if I do say so myself. I love blueberries and this review has made me want to try it! I was unaware they had anything blueberry scented. Thanks for the review!

Angela Marie said...

I counted four uses of "blueberry", not too many :) I got to try this!

Angela @ The Lovely Cup

Boho Vanity said...

I bet that does smell amazing! Will have to give it a try

x Jordan
- Boho Vanity -

Samantha Jade said...

Blueberry body butter sounds so dreamy, may go give it a sniff next time I'm in town hehe.xx

Katia said...

Ouhh, I haven't tried their moisturizers! I should! I love blueberry :)

ugne.k said...

never tried this one, but i bet it smells divine!

Angelica said...

I love Body Shop butters, my mums like this one. I love the Moroccan Rose one I think I went through 3 of them already. And my second favourite is Satsuma Body Butter. It's sad that they had change the packaging to the most ugly ones. x

Becca Grace said...

Just made some purchases from the Body Shop,couldn't resist the sale!

Now a follower :)

Zara - Lifes Pretty Visions (Irish Beauty Blog) said...

I love the passionfruit one but not sure if they still sell it!


Francesca. said...

Ahh, I absolutely adore Body Shop body butters, haven't tried the blueberry one yet, though - I will definitely try it out next time I'm in the Body Shop :) xx

Sarah Louise said...

Mm this sounds lush. I'm dying to try the new Satsuma range, love anything orange-scented! xx


sleepandwater said...

Body Shop butters are so moisturising and deliciously scented :) Haven't seen this blueberry one but I'm sure it smells amazing.

Jordan said...

Ahhh love that stuff, shame it takes such a long time to sink in! Thankyou for leaving a comment on my blog, perhaps we can follow eachother? :) x