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Some Topshop Make Up.

I thought I'd post about the few things I picked up in Topshop Friday. I know I've had like a billion lipstick posts in the last while but what can I say.....I have a problem.
I picked up 'Brighton Rock' and 'Nevada' from the lipsticks and then 'Neon Rose' from the blush as that was the only one they had and I really wanted to try one.
'Brighton Rock' and 'Nevada' are ones that I've seen floating around on blogs and being as easily influenced as I am, I just had to have them.
'Nevada' is what I would describe as very nude. Its almost like I've applied concealer to my lips? I'm really not sure if I like this yet. I'm very pale so this makes me look ill. But, I think if I was just that little bit more tan it would look perfect (definitely not why I spent 20mins putting tan on earlier) so I'm not ruling this out yet. 'Brighton Rock' is my new love. It may just replace 'Infrared' as my favorite Topshop lippy. The colour is incredible. Sort of a candy pink, its very sweet like, girly and vibrant. I've been wearing it all day and its just added that lovely splash of colour on an otherwise dull day. It doesn't last very long. I'd say about 3hours? But I think its pigmentation and finish make up for that. It's very creamy, which I'm actually starting to like. I'd definitely recommend you try it.
'Neon Rose' is such a pretty colour. It applies as a cream but turns into more of a powder blush on your skin. I'm really liking using this. I'm usually more drawn to peaches and light pinks so this is an interesting change for me. It's subtle on your cheeks, not too in your face. I apply with my fingers and blend in with a brush. 
(L-R Neon Rose, Nevada, Brighton Rock.)
Any recommendations from Topshop? What do you think of the packaging? I know a lot of people don't like it because it gets dirty quickly.....


Angela Marie said...

Gorgeous lip colors! I want to see how the nude looks! I've been wanting a nude lipstick :)

angela - the lovely cup

Cerys :) said...

Brighton Rock looks lovely. I am not keen on nude lip colours because, like you said, they make me look like I am wearing concealer on my lips! haha
<3 :D

Rachael said...

I only ever got around to trying the topshop nail varnishes but I really wished i'd tried more of their stuff. I love the packaging but I fear me and white packaging really don't do well especially with things like blusher and lipstick which in their nature are rather pigmented. I don't think it would stay white for very long with me!

Char! said...

I really love topshop makeup, Nevada is one of my favourite shades! x

SmilesSofia said...

I neeeeed to get the brighton rock lipstick it's on my list!!!! :)

Boho Vanity said...

'nevada' looks AMAZING! wish we had topshop here in the states =[
Jordan xx
Boho Vanity Blog

Zara said...

Brighton Rock looks gorgeous..will definitely put this on my wish list for whenever I make it to Dublin! I really like the packaging :)

Katie Alice xo said...

The lipsticks look gorgeous colours, I've actually never tried topshop make up, my local one doesn't sell it! :( xo

Ellie Burns said...

i've told myself loads, but i really need some topshop lipstick...the colours look amazing! the blush sounds lovely too xx

Charlotte said...

I love the look of all of these! X

Lizzie~ said...

I really want brighton rock! I loved this post, I followed

Rebecca Jayne said...

I love Brighton rock, one of my favourite topshop lipsticks I think :)

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