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A litte bit Sweet and Frutti.

Revlon Lip Butters are everywhere and by everywhere I mean every blog you go on. It's funny really because they are no where to be found in shops. The lip butters are basically glorified lip balms. They really hydrated my lips and the finish was incredibly glossy. I like the packaging, how each cover is the same as the lip butter. Makes it so much easier to find the shade you want unlike other lip products.
I picked up two shades. The first is 'Tutti Frutti'. This is the one I've been eyeing up online long before they were available here. I knew I had to have it. The colour is a really nice coral orange. I think as far as a lip balm goes it's pretty pigmented but not like a lipstick. It's enough to just add a hint of subtle colour to your lips. If you want to rock orange lips but aren't brave enough to rock something like Topshops 'Infrared' I'd recommend you try this.
The second one I picked up was 'Sweet Tart'. I decided on this because I thought it was a really nice bubblegum pink colour. This is that little bit more obvious on your lips than Tutti Frutti is. Which is probably why I find myself reaching for it that bit more. This picture is quite dark and really doesn't show it true to colour.
I'm really liking these right now. I love how they're like a lipstick but they're not. I'm a little disappointed that all the shades aren't available in the UK/Ireland as there's a few more I'd like to try. I have been looking at them on ebay but I doubt i'll have the patience to wait for them to arrive from America. My one thing with these? Make sure you've really exfoliated your lips before applying because they magnify any dry part of your lips. Definitely not a good look. The irish retail price is around 11€. Have any of you tried these Whats your favourite shade? Are they worth the hype?


Char! said...

so far I've only tried one of these but i love them so more are to be bought soon! xx


I bought Tutti Frutti over a week ago and so far I really like it. I must pick up Topshop Infrared soon X

Nicola said...

Love the colours. Need to try these out

Kelli Una Finn said...

Just found you through #bbloggers love your blog, I have tutti fruti and candy apple and I love them both. I have found getting out the house is so much easier now I have them in my life, easy liner on the eye and then a pop of colour with these on the lip :) xx

SmilesSofia said...

I really want to try them out but I can't justify spending €11 on one :/ x

Cerys :) said...

nice colours
<3 xxx

Lizzie ♥ said...

I bought Sweet Tart the other day, still trying it out to review! Coming soon about it on my blog thought ;)

~ Lizzie xo

Lizzie ♥ said...

I bought Sweet Tart the other day, still trying it out to review! Coming soon about it on my blog thought ;)

~ Lizzie xo

Iheartmexo said...

i still dont have these! i love tutti frutti! my boots dont have these yet :( i wish i could buy all of them -_- xx

Lovelain94 said...

I am in love with Tutti Frutti the name is enough let alone the shade! xx

Haylee Mae said...

Ooh two gorgeous shades, I need to try them out!



LucyyLou said...

My local stores are lacking in colours, theres about 5 to pick from and all smushed up testers. classy. -.-
These are gorgeous colours though, I know I'll end up picking up at least one.


Gia said...

Ooo love the look of Tutti Fruitti! I have Sweet Tart, such a lovely colour x

Celene said...

Really want to try these lip butters! Love your blog found it on twitter just there and caant believe ive not come accross it before. im Irish too :D xx

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